Wrapped 2018 page difficult to read/view



If you are having difficulties with viewing the Wrapped 2018 page, hit +VOTE and leave a message with a screenshot of what you see and with which browser(s) this happens.


This can include colors that make it hard to read the page, formatting being incorrect or other accessibility issues.


If you are getting a blank page with no content, head over to this Ongoing Issue.


We'll keep you up to date here.



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Status changed to: Under investigation
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Hey! I'm having a formatting issue. I don't usually listen to podcasts but I have a "podcast" page. However, instead of podcasts, it shows "<podcast>". You can see it in the picture below. Hope this helps :)

Sin título.png


Hey @Jose_M,


It looks like the picture wasn't attached properly, or the format wasn't recognized. Could you try sending it again?



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Oh thanks for pointing that out @Jemi. In the meantime, I tried some stuff and it turns out this only happens in the Spanish version of "My 2018 Wrapped", however, it looks fine in the English version. It happens on Chrome and Firefox (even incognito window) on desktop and I also tried Chrome on mobile and this stilll happens, even with incognito window. Hope you can take a look :) These are the two images:20181217_151256.jpg






spotify photo.PNGHappens on google chrome and on my phone every time i try

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Tried across multiple browsers and OS

Casual Listener

Chrome, adblock off, logging in via facebook. Just says "Hmmm. Something's not working, so sorry about that. We'll work on it and please try again soon."


EDIT: Also happens on iOS, with safari.


Hey there @jaxonillman@xdxc and @JakeBirnbaum,


This sounds like another issue. No worries, we've done some magic backstage and this should be now fixed. Could you try clearing your cache and cookies memory on your browser and launch the Wrapped page once more? You can also retry authorizing your Spotify account on the Wrapped website.


Let us know how you get on :)