Wrapped 2021 Crashing

Status: Closed

Hi everyone!


We are aware of your reports that Wrapped 2021 isn't loading properly. Some of you have mentioned that it loads up until the Aura story, or that you're only presented with a green refresh button as shown in the screenshot below:











NOTE: This is separate from reports about the Wrapped 2021 slides skipping really fast and focuses on a failure to load altogether. If you're experiencing the skipping behavior, check our other thread here.


Hey everyone,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We want to let you know that due to some technical limitations, some Android 7 users weren't able to see the stories, for Android 8 users and above, these should've worked as usual after the app version  


Now, at this point the stories are no longer available, but rest assured we've taken all this feedback into consideration to keep working on future campaigns. 


Thank you for understanding.


I'm having a similar issue. Every time I open my wrapped, I can see only one slide before it crashes. Some slides won't even load. Tried everything to fix it.



i'm on a Motorola E6i (android) and i can't see my Spotify wrapped 2021

i'm premium and i have been using the app since 2020 so idk what's going on.

it's just a black screen with a rewind symbol on the centre... and sometimes the app crashes when i open the slideshow


The 2021 Wrapped feature keeps crashing and restarting the Spotify mobile app. I have seen people report having this issue with both very new and very old Androids. 


For me, the app crashes on the first slide, after 2-3 seconds.

I've tried reinstalling the app, resetting the phone, clearing cache and data, optimizing RAM, changing animation settings - nothing worked.








Motorola g20

Operating System

Latest Android


My Question or Issue

When I attempt to view the wrapped, or any story made by spotify for a long time, it immediately skips the slides showing no more than half a second of a black screen and no noice. When it is about half way through it just crashes the app.

It is rather anoying since it is not available for the windows 10 app on desktop (or anywhere else) so there is no way to view it.

Hope anyone has a quick fix that does not involve a clean install or restarting my phone since I have already tried both.


Same problem 😐 App crashes after few seconds of the slide. 


I got the same problem. Wrapped starts normally and suddenly the app goes black screen and restarts itself. This happens every time. The first time i started the wrapped it worked normally but after the 5th slide or something it crashed.


please give us back the PC version... my android could not handle this:(



Last year it was the same and I never found a solution.


i am also having the same issue with wrapped story crashing my app, no clue why


Same issue. The app crashes shortly after I hit play. I even tried it with the android emulator on my PC that I use for work and it crashed there, so I doubt it's a hardware issue.