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Wrapped 2021 Stories skipping quickly

Ongoing Issue thread with updates for Reports of Wrapped 2021 opening up, but skipping through the slides really fast. If you're affected by Wrapped 2021 not loading at all, check the thread here.

Hey everyone,


Our engineers have been investigating the issues and have learned some of the causes, which seem to be related to specific accessibility and animation settings, coupled with individual device capabilities and performance. 

They'll factor this in in future campaigns and will try what they can in order to prevent it.


Hey guys. I had the same problem - nothing was working. I tried everything including uninstalling and reinstalling the app, deleting cash and storage data. I even turned all of my animation scores (they are 3 parameters) to 1x. And you know? I just found out that my android version is 7.1.2 which is not enough. So my story is ending, I will never see spotify wrapped on my phone. Btw that year everything was fine and I've seen wrapped 2020. Okay, have a good day everyone, hope it'll help someone open their eyes 

Status changed to: Under investigation
Hi everyone!
We are aware of your reports that Wrapped 2021 opens up, yet the slides start to skip through each other and until the end really fast, preventing you from looking at them.
NOTE: This is separate from reports about Wrapped 2021 not loading all together and/or showing a green refresh icon. If you're experiencing that, check our other thread here.
This can happen based on some of your Android settings that influence animations. The settings are located in different places depending on your specific device, but try searching for "animations" in your Settings app and configure as following:
  • Animation duration scale should be set to .5x. Try other values as well. 
  • Remove Animations should be toggled OFF
  • In addition any Battery Saving mode should be set to OFF, as battery saving can influence the animation behavior in an effort to save battery.

This is being actively investigated and we'll post updates as soon as we have more details. Subscribe to the thread to get notified.
If you're still experiencing the issue after configuring these settings or are not able to find them at all, please click on +VOTE and comment in the thread below with the following info:
  • Your phone model
  • Your OS and its version
  • Your Spotify version
  • Were you able to find the mentioned settings?
    • If yes - what values have you set them to?
  • Any other troubleshooting steps that you've attempted.
Thank you!


I was experiencing the same issue on my Samsung M31 phone, Android 11.

I solved the issue as follows:

I went to "settings", "Accessibility", "visibility enhancements", and toggled "Remove animations" to "off".

That's all...

Maybe it will work for some of you too. I hope so. 🙂



Phone Model: Moto G6

OS Version: Android 9

Spotify Version: (Premium)

I was able to find the mentioned settings in the developer mode;

I tried all sorts off options with the values, from .5x up to 10x;

The first slide worked fine, but then when it goes to the second slide the screen turns black and the app crashes. 


Changing the animation scale according to frznrmy's suggestion resolved issue for me (I always turn off animations by default).


I am running Android 11 (Build number RRAS31.QE-19-15-1) on a Motorola Edge 20 Pro

Spotify version


Huawei p20 

Android v10

Spotify version

Couldn't find the values

Tried uninstalling and installing again, still didn't work


Hi ! Thank you for making this thread.

My spotify crashes in the first slide of the 2021 wrapped.

I have the S6 edge +, can't find the settings mentioned to change the animation scale. I cleared the cache and the battery saving settings are off.

My version of spotify is


Phone Model: Redmi Note 4

OS Version: Android 7.0

Spotify version: 8.6 (updated, latest)

I tried changing the animation settings, it isn't working 😞

I tried restarting the phone, clearing cache, uninstalled, reinstalled app, nothing seems to be working. 

As soon as I reach the 4th slide, the app crashes ! 




I am experiencing the same issue on MIUI 12.0.1 and i dont think i should be suggested to alter my phone's animation and battery saving settings just to see this.


It is very strange for Spotify to ask you to change your settings, and more strange to release a feature within an app, with a "stable" update that fails in many users. And this feature is likely not tested in beta release or the Devs paid no attention to the testing and just released it.


Thank you! That actually worked for me, I had turned off animations in the
accesssibility area to save battery power.