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Wrapped 2021 Stories skipping quickly

Ongoing Issue thread with updates for Reports of Wrapped 2021 opening up, but skipping through the slides really fast. If you're affected by Wrapped 2021 not loading at all, check the thread here.

Hey everyone,


Our engineers have been investigating the issues and have learned some of the causes, which seem to be related to specific accessibility and animation settings, coupled with individual device capabilities and performance. 

They'll factor this in in future campaigns and will try what they can in order to prevent it.






Redmi Note 10


Operating System

Android 11


My Question or Issue

I was so excited for this year's Spotify Wrapped which was released recently. I tried to view it with my device mentioned above but the app skips 5 to 8 story then crashes. Tried uninstalling the app and also clearing cache but still end up being the same. I hope this can be fixed ASAP as I was waiting so much for it.


I'm having a similar issue, the wrapped story crashes after about 3 seconds every time no matter what i do. I've tried cleaning cash, clean reinstall, changing animation settings in the android developer settings. Nothing, just crashes every time.



I just tried changing the animation scale to 1x(I had it turned off all the time) and it actually fixed my issue. Thought it will help you but seems like it doesn't for your issue. I'm sorry I have no idea how to fix yours.


I am having the same issue as well. I'm using the s21. App is updated and cache cleared. App keeps crashing after Uninstall and reinstall. 


I am also having this issue on my Moto G6 Play, tried it on Bluestacks (android emulator) on my PC as well 😕 keeps crashing and restarting spotify 


How to change animation scale?


It's in the developer options*, just need to scroll down a bit.

*In my device I need to go to About phone then tap MIUI version 7 times to turn on developer options, then it can be found in the Additional settings section. I'm not sure how it works on other device othen than Redmi devices.


What do you mean by change "animation"? I can't find it everywhere


I mentioned it in another reply above but actually if you didn't change any animation settings before then i don't think changing it now will solve your problem. I turned off my device's animation before, that's why I couldn't play the 2021 Wrapped.


Never changed my animation setting was always on 1x and still wont play my wrapped. Why cant we just have it online or in the desktop app..