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Wrapped 2021 Stories skipping quickly

Ongoing Issue thread with updates for Reports of Wrapped 2021 opening up, but skipping through the slides really fast. If you're affected by Wrapped 2021 not loading at all, check the thread here.

Hey everyone,


Our engineers have been investigating the issues and have learned some of the causes, which seem to be related to specific accessibility and animation settings, coupled with individual device capabilities and performance. 

They'll factor this in in future campaigns and will try what they can in order to prevent it.


Thank you koeiegeloei!


I took your advice and checked in the visibility enhancement, I had turned off animations in order to save power. Works like a charm now!


android 8.1.0, Spotify version, Meu celular: LG Q7+


I have a Xiaomi mi Max 2. I've tried everything and still don't work. I hope you guys solve this problem ASAP.


Phone Model: VFD 610

OS Version: Android 7

Spotify Version: 

I was able to find the mentioned settings in developer mode, I tried different options of the values. The first slide was worked fine, but when it gets to the second slide it runs for a few seconds then the spotify logo comes up and then takes me to the spotify home page.


my 2021 wrapped doesn't load idk why, I've tried alot of times but it's showing "something went wrong, please try again later"


Crashing at 10th slide (podcasts) every time. 

Ipod touch 6th generation

Software 12.5.5

Spotify 8.6.82, Premium subscription

Not an Android so no Animation settings to check

I've killed the app and restarted the device.  No luck.  I'm looking forward to my complete SpotifyWrapped2021.  Thank you for your help!










Maximus D7




Operating System


Android 8.1 (Oreo)




My Question or Issue 

I'd tried to watch the Spotify wrapped as I was very excited for that. While watching the app crashed after 1 or 2 story slides.  The sounds are also blurry and keep stopping and then play again. But the animations are set properly inside the app. Mobile animation is set at 1x. What's going on there? 




Edit: I'm editing my comment because I forgot to include the description of my issue and only listed my device specs.


So, every time I start watching my Spotify Wrapped I can see the first or the second slides but, after that, the video glitches out, the screen goes dark, only the music keeps playing and the app stop responding. I then either wait a bit and get a message saying the app crashed or I manually closes it via the home button of my phone in order to restore its functionality.


  • Motorola Moto Z2 Play SKU XT1710-07
  • Android 9
  • Spotify Premium
  • Were you able to find the mentioned settings?
    • Yes - 0.5 to all the animation options
  • Any other troubleshooting steps that you've attempted: Clear cache, force stop the app, force GPU rendering, force 4x MSAA, disable HW overlay

I'm having the same issue with my Pixel 3a. I tried to install an update, log out and back in, clear the app cache, delete and reinstalled it and it still doesn't work.







Vivo 1606 



Cannot view as the application keeps restarting as I try to open the wrapped icon. I may have a feeling that my device could be outdated but I really really want to see what my spotify wrapped looks like this year. Can u like Email me a video about it cuz that would also be sweet.