[Wrapped] Link says I'm not eligible even though I am

Status: Won't Fix

I went to go check my wrapped statistics for this year and I when I click "Let's do it" I get put into my playlists menu with the top tracks for the year but the URL bar has "ineligibilityReason=ineligible.keep_listening" added to the end of the URL, why can't I use the Wrapped features? I've had Spotify for years now and it worked perfectly last year

Hey there folks,


As this year's Wrapped has ended, we'll have to close this one as "Won't Fix". 


However, we really appreciate taking the time to report this as we're working on improving the experience for next year.


Thanks again!


Same here! 




This was happening to me earlier, and I think the problem was the internet browser. I was using Safari on a Mac but when I switched to Google Chrome, it worked. If this doesn't work, I would try using an incognito window or a different device (laptop vs. phone). 


I hope this helped! Happy listening


I have the same issue as well, switching browsers doesnt help and I have the same problem on my phone


Worked 2018, but not now.

This is not an issue with browser compatibility (and it should not be in this day and age anyway). Tested latest Chrome and Firefox Developer Edition, and Edge but no dice. Incognito did also not help.

The music I'm listening has not changed, so I'm expecting about the same result as last year, however ridiculous the result is.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate taking the time to report this! We've passed your reports on to our tech teams and they'll look into it.


If you're experiencing this, make sure to try the following first once you've double checked that you're accessing the right account:

If you're still having troubles, let us know by adding your +VOTE and leaving a comment with the following details:

  • The device you're using
  • Your browser(s) and its exact version  on
  • Any screenshots/screen recordings of what you see would be helpful - just make sure that any private/sensitive info is not displayed

We'll keep you posted here, thanks!


Similar issue in the app. Using SamsungS10e with Spotify ver 

The icon/tile looks like below image when tapped but doesn't open.



The same problem is happening on my pc, I'm using the latest version of Opera Browser.

When I click let's do it I am redirected to ita.png


I also tried on Google Chrome, Firefox and my phone.

  1. Same is happening on my phone. I'm using Huawei p30 pro and Spotify version. I am trying to tap on reveal my top artists and etc. banner and it does not open at all.

Same is Happening on my pc. I'm using Opera browser latest version.


Env: prod