[Wrapped] Link says I'm not eligible even though I am

I went to go check my wrapped statistics for this year and I when I click "Let's do it" I get put into my playlists menu with the top tracks for the year but the URL bar has "ineligibilityReason=ineligible.keep_listening" added to the end of the URL, why can't I use the Wrapped features? I've had Spotify for years now and it worked perfectly last year

Hey there folks,


As this year's Wrapped has ended, we'll have to close this one as "Won't Fix". 


However, we really appreciate taking the time to report this as we're working on improving the experience for next year.


Thanks again!


Same issue. I have tried to open it on PC (Chrome and Explorer), iPhone (Safari), iPhone app, Mac laptop (Safari, Chrome, Chrome incognito mode). All I see are lists for my top songs 2016, 2017, 2018, no 2019. No overall data or information about my usage in the last decade. 


Capture.PNGIsn't working for me, account name is dsingh02, have tried on my phone Realme X, Google Chrome on my laptop, Open Spotify app, and Microsoft Edge



I’m having the same issue. I’ve even tried on my laptop and nothing seems to work 😕


Hello, I have the same issue. My username is 'smarquezp05'.

I tried with Chrome and Firefox in my pc, both in normal mode and private windows, and It didn´t work.

I tried from my Android too and It didn´t work neither. Can you solve this, please?


Thanks you, Sergio!


I'm on a Windows 10 laptop, tried using both the most recent versions of Chrome and Firefox. All I get on both is this page.image.png



I have the same issue as the others here. Tried using different browsers (chrome, edge), devices (mobile, pc) and the app both on pc and mobile but all of them leads me to this screen with the same url that's mentioned in this post.Screenshot_2.png


I've had the exact same issue with my account. I have had Spotify since 2014 and the wrapped playlists and features have always worked for me except for this year.


Getting this as well, happens in Chrome Version 78.0.3904.108, both in/out of Incognito mode, and on Microsoft Edge version 44.18362.449.0. 


I have tried on my Samsung Note 8 app, and a PC.  Tried on Edge, Chrome and IE.  All the same.  I should be eligible as I got an email that says you've listened to this many songs, click here to see what your number one song was.  Please reply with the fix.

  • The device you're using:
    • Mac Computer.
    • Android Phone
  • Your browser(s) and its exact version  on
    • Firefox Version 70.0.1 (64 Bit)
    • I tried incognito
  • Any screenshots/screen recordings of what you see would be helpful - just make sure that any private/sensitive info is not displayed