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When playing music on the Xbox One, the playback timer constantly resets back to 00:00, generally when it hits 00:30 (thirty seconds) or so.  The total length of the song is indicated correctly, and the display changes songs when the audio goes to the next song, but the timer bar never hits the end. It gets to 30-40 seconds, resets to 0, goes to 30-40 seconds, resets to 0, over and over. Audio playback is fine. This occurs when the Genius (?) screen comes up that shows notes and lyrics about the song, as well -- the timer, notes, and lyrics constantly go back to the beginning, even though the audio playback is fine.


Playback on all my other devices (phone, Windows 10 PC, etc.) are fine.  This is limited to the Xbox One.  Connected via ethernet to a fast switch, with Verizon Fios as my provider, so I wouldn't think it's network lag or anything like that. It's a persistent problem -- rebooting the Xbox or restarting the Spotify app doesn't help.


I'd appreciate any help.

Hey all,


Thanks for sending us over examples!


Issue should be resolved. Be sure to reinstall the app both on your mobile devices and on the Xbox. It's also recommended to have the newest firmwares running on your devices.


Let us know if you have further questions. Have a nice day!




can verify it doesn’t happen for tracks that don’t have the lyrics / genius thing


can also verify that if you pause and resume, the lyrics will “catch up” - but as OP mentioned, this doesn’t affect actual playback at all, so it’s just visual. 


Shame, cause with the stupid little trivia, it reminds me a bit of pop up video back in the day. 

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Interesting, for me it's a problem on all tracks, not just the ones with Genius.


I am experiencing the same problem for over a week now. And agree with last poster -- it happens on ALL tracks, not just the Genius/Lyrics ones. It's maddening.


Mmm. Indeed I recant the prior statement, it is happening on all, or at least most tracks. 


Still happening here too. I guess the devs are on holiday which is why it's not fixed. Doesn't affect playback but suggests sleeping QA 😋



@matnik wrote:

Still happening here too. I guess the devs are on holiday which is why it's not fixed. Doesn't affect playback but suggests sleeping QA 😋

Lol the devs don't fix anything on Spotify. I've had an issue with the find my friends feature (I have a post on here about it) and have even called customer support and no one has done anything to help

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I’m having the exact same issue. Started with the most recent update around the middle of December and been having the issue ever sense. All songs, not just genius ones. 

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Good to know when it started, thanks. I hadn't used Spotify on the Xbox much before the holidays, so I'm not sure I would have noticed one way or the other.


Having the same issue and it is really annoying. Hoping they fix it soon.


I've been getting the same issue for a while on all song like most people in the thread