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When playing music on the Xbox One, the playback timer constantly resets back to 00:00, generally when it hits 00:30 (thirty seconds) or so.  The total length of the song is indicated correctly, and the display changes songs when the audio goes to the next song, but the timer bar never hits the end. It gets to 30-40 seconds, resets to 0, goes to 30-40 seconds, resets to 0, over and over. Audio playback is fine. This occurs when the Genius (?) screen comes up that shows notes and lyrics about the song, as well -- the timer, notes, and lyrics constantly go back to the beginning, even though the audio playback is fine.


Playback on all my other devices (phone, Windows 10 PC, etc.) are fine.  This is limited to the Xbox One.  Connected via ethernet to a fast switch, with Verizon Fios as my provider, so I wouldn't think it's network lag or anything like that. It's a persistent problem -- rebooting the Xbox or restarting the Spotify app doesn't help.


I'd appreciate any help.

Hey all,


Thanks for sending us over examples!


Issue should be resolved. Be sure to reinstall the app both on your mobile devices and on the Xbox. It's also recommended to have the newest firmwares running on your devices.


Let us know if you have further questions. Have a nice day!

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I also have the same problem. The progress bar resets every 30 seconds. I hope they fix it soon.

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Same issue here. It's not really an issue, just more of a pet peeve thing haha. Happens with all songs. 

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Status changed to: Under investigation



We're currently investigating this issue on our end.


If you are also experiencing this issue, please try the following:


  1. Remove Spotify from your Xbox
  2. Shut down your Xbox (from the settings)
  3. Start up the xbox
  4. Install Spotify

If this doesn't help, hit +VOTE in this topic and send the following:


  • Spotify version on your xbox
  • Xbox firmware version
  • Spotify version on your mobile device (Only if you are using Spotify Connect to stream)

Looking forward to your reply.


Thanks and have a nice day!


Removed and reinstalled Spotify on my Xbox...same problem


Spotify version:

Xbox OS version: 10.0.17763.3066

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I reinstalled the app and restarted my Xbox. It did not help. 

Spotify Xbox version:

Android Version:

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Done. Same issue.

Spotify version

Xbox version 10.0.17763.3066

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Same issue

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate all your reports so far. The right teams are currently looking into this.


If you're experiencing this issue, please make sure to try a reinstall of the app on your Xbox One device and let us know how it goes.


If that doesn't do the trick, make sure to click the +VOTE button to stay updated as well as leave a comment with the version of the Spotify app you end up with. We'll make sure to pass this on.


We'll be keeping an eye out for your replies, thanks!


Add me to the list.  All songs (I play from my personal playlist).  Genius or not, doesn't matter.

System is the 10.????.3066 build on an Xbox One X
Spotify is

I have detailed reporting turned on for my xobx.  Perhaps data is sent back to Microsoft on this?


I take back my earlier comment.  Two days ago I had the issue (and many days before).  I posted as I was about to use it again.., then used it and things appear normal now.  Genius or no genius text, things get past 30 seconds and stay on track now.