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[Xbox][Other] Fix the Xbox One App

To some people, the xbox app tells them they're offline even though they're not.

Hey folks!


Since we've heard that most of you have this issue fixed already, and haven't heard back from those that might still have trouble, we'll be closing the thread.


Do't hesitate to give us a shout if anything else comes up.


All the best.


For the past few days, I have tried to play music on spotify from my xbox one. Every time i open the Spotify app on the xbox, it immediately says “You’re offline. Spotify is not available when you’re offline. Please go online and try again.” Ive tried reinstalling the app, and i’ve checked my connection multiple times and it is perfectly fine. Not really sure what to do here, can someone help?


I’m having the exact issue 


I have the same problem and have called Microsoft  support many times with no apparent solution




Every time I try to play music it won't let me and won't let me connect to my cell **bleep** like do you guys hate me or something cause I can't live without my tunes in the morning


Im having the same issue, I can log into my account, even search artists but it wont connect by bluetooth or even play songs without trying to use my bluetooth, the app works for everything else but sound! No it wont let me press play on any track at all. Please help, tried reinstall hard shut down. Was working fine few hours ago. TIA. 


Yeah i know the feeling just spent a hour with xbox and they told me to make a twitter account and tell spotify about the problem


 Like really spotify get some real customersupport we are not in the stone age we are in 2018


same here, since this afternoon the xbox won't play any song


It's been resolved boys.