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[Xbox][Other] Fix the Xbox One App

To some people, the xbox app tells them they're offline even though they're not.

Hey folks!


Since we've heard that most of you have this issue fixed already, and haven't heard back from those that might still have trouble, we'll be closing the thread.


Do't hesitate to give us a shout if anything else comes up.


All the best.

I have Windsteam to and it doesnt matter its only the xbox one app that doesnt work, Microsoft needs to step in and force Spotify to fix this
Windstream but Spotify works fine on my PC its only the xbox one app get the techs on this and fix it

Ya im starting to get sick of this, I mean is the Spotify tech team not reading whats going on here? In my opinion it really cant be that hard for them to fix, I feel like were just being ignored. I mean I know that there are moderators on here trying to help but it has done no good. I don't know if Spotify is the problem or if it's Microsoft, I'm assuminng Spotify but I don't really care, this just needs to be fixed because there is no reason for this nonsense. Plenty of people are on here letting them know about an issue that we cannot fix, why aren't they fixing it? Get ahead of your game Spotify... your gonna start losing customers if you keep this up. 


I'm on widndstream and have done the exact same. 

If this isn't fixed in a week I am going to move all my playlists to Napster or Pandora

1/25/18- Tried another login on XBOX yesterday after an uninstall/reinstall and STILL "Offline," even tho other online services are working. I'm telling you guys, start moving your music or set up shop with another Music App.  Spotify is dealing with a $1.6 Billion lawsuit for, what looks like, trying to run around music lisences!  Was filed Jan 2nd 2018. Trying Premium Pandora is free for 60 days!  It seems like this issue has been going on since Nov. 2017 and is getting worse. My subscription ends mid Feb, and you better believe I'm cancelling if this is not resloved. I suggest the rest of you voice this also, "Fix it or 'Bye' ". Sorry to those of you that signed up for that $99.00 per year contract for the Holidays. Sure seems like they know what they're doing



 Yea i strongly agree with everybody's comment on here i myself been having the exact same problems? and i also say if you have spotify on your phone or tablet might as well delete the app on there also no point in haveing the app on there if you cant use it on your Xbox? I say charge spotify to the roof and call it lost the company is not goin to do nothin bout it no point in asking?  Just bye bye spotify and hello Pandora or any other music app that Works Dats Fasho! 



Hey everyone! 


I understand everyone's frustration and we're sorry you're all feeling this way. Let me explain myself - this issue was reported a while back and it was fixed. However, it looks like for some, reinstalling or restarting your router/Xbox didn't fix the issue. We're gathering as much as info as we can, so we can report it again.


I know that some of you already said that you're rocking Windstream, but I'd like to make sure everyone else having the issue is. Also, is there a chance you can try playing music on your Xbox with Connect? Does it work at all?



We'll be right here.


I have windstream as well and Spotify is still down on the Xbox One. It works fine from my iPhone and PC but Spotify still says it’s offline on the Xbox One app.


it does not work at all on xbox one. i hope the issue is fixed soon i miss my music.