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[Xbox][Other] Fix the Xbox One App

To some people, the xbox app tells them they're offline even though they're not.

Hey folks!


Since we've heard that most of you have this issue fixed already, and haven't heard back from those that might still have trouble, we'll be closing the thread.


Do't hesitate to give us a shout if anything else comes up.


All the best.

It doesn't work on the xbox one!!! it works everywhere else get them on it, Everyone is sick of this not being addressed How hard could it be to have someone from spotify check this out?

Yeah having the same problem. Tried everything they said and more, all the way up to factory resetting the Xbox but still no luck.


Hey everyone!


If your ISP is Windstream, it's something we're looking into as we speak.


All other users that are having the same issue, but are using a different ISP, we suggest turning off your internet router for 30 seconds and turning it back on before trying again. Also, reinstalling the Spotify app could help.


All the best.

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey all,


Thanks for your recent comments here.

Just to confirm, is this issue still happening for anyone?

If you are still experiencing this and your ISP is Windstream, we'd recommend heading to this thread instead. 
This way, we can keep everyone up-to-date!


Rest assured the team are looking into things if you're on Windstream 🙂

If you're experiencing this on a different ISP however, can you let us know:
- Which ISP you're using:
- When this started happening:

We'd also recommend checking that your Xbox and devices are updated too!

Keep us in the loop.

Many thanks,



For those of you that having been having issues with this on you're XBOX One and have given up, give it another shot! They must have fixed something!!! Fired mine up today and logged in.  Everything seems to be in working order, for now!


If it helps developers/support at all, I use Windstream as an internet provider and was getting an "Offline" message EVERYTIME I opened the App on my XBOX.  It was working fine on my desktop and mobile devise, using the same interent connection.  All Apps are working fine now, including the XBOX One!!! Thanks for looking into this and I hope the App continues to work




 I try to open the Spotify Music - for Xbox One app. The app shows like it trys to connect to Spotify Server, but keeps the three dots bouncing and will not move to a different screen.

Same here, it actually works

That's great to hear everyone!


Could you let us know which ISP you're using and when did this start to happen, @nickykrog? Please also make sure that your Xbox is updated.


All the best 🙂

Spectrum, formerly Time Warner Cable