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[Xbox][Other] Fix the Xbox One App

To some people, the xbox app tells them they're offline even though they're not.

Hey folks!


Since we've heard that most of you have this issue fixed already, and haven't heard back from those that might still have trouble, we'll be closing the thread.


Do't hesitate to give us a shout if anything else comes up.


All the best.


Hey, I deleted and reinstalled Spotify and I rebooted my WiFi... still no fix, just thought you should know. Also for me it is running though WiFi. I use Spotify on my Xbox One almost daily and this suddenly began to happen just a couple days ago, same problem that everyone else is having. Please, get ahead of this problem, it is affecting a great amount of people and nothing seems to be working. When on this screen I cannot navigate or go to the settings, this image is all I can see when I get on Spotify. I know that I have not been effected for a long period of time, but this is an odd issue that should be fixed as soon as possible, thank you. 




Same screen for me that's in that dude's screenshot. Been going on a couple of weeks now.

Have uninstalled and reinstalled a bunch of times. Power cycled too. Also reset the router.  

Still saying I'm offline.

Using Xbox One through Ethernet. Thanks.


Thanks for letting us know @rosdezw20 and @iseeininfrared, this should be up and running. Can you confirm you're still having trouble? If so, restarting the Xbox one more time should help. 


Let us know how it goes.


it is not working still, both through wifi and ethernet


I will let you know the status on the offline issue later, am currently busy right now, thank you. 


No worries @rosdezw20, take your time. 


@kawaiimarco, can you try restarting the app along with your router? Does that help? 


i have restarted the xbox, app, router, and anything else i possibly could. ive been having this issue for about 2 weeks now and have contacted spotify support over twitter. there is nothing we can do on our end.


Alright here’s the deal, I restarted my console one more time and it still did not work. This is unacceptable, I have restarted my Xbox and router several times and deleted and reinstalled Spotify several times and nothing, not anything is working! You guys have done nothing at all to fix this issue other then telling us to do stuff that we have already done! You need to get into this issue and fix this becuase this is unacceptable! My screen says I am offline but I am not offline! Fix this already!!!! I mean thanks for the help but seriously though, this has done me no good, I don’t understand... just fix your sh¡t already it’s ridiculous. 


I cant login or logout it just says   You're offline  spotify is not available when you're offline. please go online and try again. And ive reset my xbox redownloaded spotify and its the same thing every time 


Hey there @Mara_F.
I just uninstalled, then unplugged the Xbox and router, plugged them back in, and reinstalled. 

Still saying I'm offline.