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[Xbox][Other] Fix the Xbox One App

To some people, the xbox app tells them they're offline even though they're not.

Hey folks!


Since we've heard that most of you have this issue fixed already, and haven't heard back from those that might still have trouble, we'll be closing the thread.


Do't hesitate to give us a shout if anything else comes up.


All the best.


I apologize, @Mara_F for the harsh language, but this has just been very frustrating for me and many others. I just ask that you fix this issue as soon as possible, nobody knows what’s going on and there is nothing we can do on our end. Thank you, once again. 


Not working for me either.

I couldn't agree more this is BS! fix the Xbox one app !!!!
Thank you

Hey everyone!


Could you let us know what's the ISP you're using? Also, are you able to test this using a different internet connection?


Keep us posted.


I have Windstream but I don’t think that matters because I could use the app a month ago until about 2 weeks ago. 


I'm also on Windstream.



I am also on Windstream and it worked just fine like a week ago.


windstream here as well. i have not been able to test it with another wifi connection.


I've been having this issue with this issue as well. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the App countless times, have done hard resets (unplug power) on both modem and XBOX; logged in and out of my player profile and was on the phone with XBOX support for around 45 minutes and STILL couldn't find a fix (had to give up because I had to go to work). After doing all of these things, when I try to open the app, I see the dreaded "Offline" screen! How am I Offline if I'm playing online multiplayer matches and Pandora streams just fine? I also use Windstream as an internet provider.


This seems like it may be a comparability issue between Spotify and Microsoft. I've noticed that I am unable to get onto the Spotify webpage on my iMac but can do so from my mobile phone. If this isn't resolved soon, I am NOT renewing my monthly membership for Spotify. I'll go ahead and go with Pandora Premium (Groove had a pretty limited music library). -Hope this is resolved soon!!!