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[Xbox] Playback issues




United States


iPhone 6+, Xbox One

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iOS 12.1.2


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 I usually listen to Spotify by pairing my phone to my Xbox so i can listen to it while i play games. It was working earlier today but when i tried an hour ago Spotify kept pausing every 1-3 seconds when paired to my Xbox. I've tried signing out of all devices, hard reseting the Xbox, uninstalling and reinstalling the Xbox Spotify App, turning down my audio quality, turning off the power saving and data saving modes, and pairing the web player to the Xbox. I don't know what to do. Are there any fixes to this issue?

Hey everyone,


The right teams took a look backstage and this should be fixed now! Please make sure you're on the latest version of the app 🙂


If you're on the latest version of the app and you're still experiencing this, we absolutely want to know. Please post in Help - Other if you are so we can investigate ASAP.

Have a good one!


Today I turned on my XBOX One, my TV and stereo, to listen to music while I work, like I usually do, but something didn't work. I wasn't able to listen to any music for longer than one second at a time. If i clicked play, it just stopped after one second again. 

I don't encounter this problem using any other device. I have tried reinstalling Spotify, as well as clearing the XBOX' cache and I have also restarted it several times. I also made sure there were no offline devices and that premium sound quality wasn't turned on. Nothing seems to help, and it's frustrating. 

I have a free subscription. I use an XBOX One S. I also use a Macbook Pro 2017 and an iPhone X, but I have never encountered the problem using those devices. 

All help is greatly appreciated!


Also having this problem on Xbox One. Just noticed it today, but apparently it started on the 29th for most people.


Starting any song and it just pauses it after a few seconds. Can't listen to anything at the moment. Hopefully this will be a quick fix.


Having the same issue started after Xbox fixed it's core issues yesterday 


I have the same problem than you since yesterday . Can someone help us please ?


Yeah I tried playing music today and still having the same issue.


Having same issue been going on for 2 days now it’s getting kinda annoying


I’ve also had the same problem but on PS4, I’m running Version 2.07 for Spotify and System software 6.20. This started yesterday and it is still continuing today please help us


I'm having same issue on the ps4 every track I try to play, pauses it's self after 1 to 3 seconds it's very annoying I wish spotify would fix this bug issue 


I'am on the same boat with you, guys! Spotify is broken on Xbox One for 3 days.


Same problem for me on PS4 app and Samsung smart TV app.

I tried: Reinstall app, diferent network connection, reset all my smart hub, and nothing works.