advertisements suddenly starting to play, tho spotify is not running anything

Status: Closed

Device: Windows


Operating System Version: Windows 10


Spotify Version: Newest, but I'm having the issue for almost half year now



hey, spotify randomly starts advertisement-spots when running but not playing anything. this can be very annoying and i'm asking myself why. this must be a glitch of some sorts.
in addition: some advertisement volumes are so darn loud in comparison to my spotify volume, i barely cant hear anything else. 
both of these issues are the most annoying and sassy things i can imagine. FIX IT!


To reproduce:

1.: install the lastest version

2.: wait




Additional information:



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Hey @1141504642,


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


Just so we can understand a bit better, what do you mean by running and not playing? Does the ad play even though you're not listening to anything?


Regarding the high volume, can you remember what the ad was for?


Can you confirm the exact Spotify version you're currently on?


We'll take a closer look.

Status changed to: Closed

Changed to "Closed" As their has been no reply from user