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[chromecast audio] [android] gapless music

Device: Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Note 4


Operating System Version: android 4.4.4 and android 6.01


Spotify Version:


Description: gapless music is not working with chromecast audio, latest firmware 1.19.62825


To reproduce:

  1. Step 1 simply cast a gapless album to the chromecast audio, every pause between tracks will be evident 

Workaround: N/A



Additional information: N/A 




Hey @gabripranzo,


We would need a bit more info about this. Let us know:


Is this happening on other devices?

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

Have you tried modifying the crossfade time?


Keep us posted.



@Carlos  I've only two devices to try. Reinstalling the app doesn't help. The crossfade option isn't available when you cast to the chromecast. I'm sure you can reproduce the same issue if you have a chromecast audio. This is a premium feature and I think it should work well (in my case it's the reason for I choose to pay 10 euros per month).


Hey @gabripranzo,


We've been reproducing your scenario and seen this is an expected behavior. All playback settings get disabled when you use Connect/Chromecast.


We'll let the right team know you'd like to be able to have gapless playback on Chromecast.


We're closing this for now, but give us a shout if you need anything else.

Status changed to: Closed

Is there any word on when this feature will return?  I'm a premium subscriber and I listen to a lot of classical music on my Chromecast audio and the gaps really kill the experience.


Not having the cross-fade function ability when casting via Chromecast Audio (with Spotify premium account) is HORRIBLE. I strongly recommend this feature be developed immediately. 


Unacceptable !!!