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couldn't find spotify application on my LG TV in Indonesia

Status: Closed


 LG TV 43UF640T


Operating System Version:

 WebOS 2.0



i couldn't find spotify application on my tv, my region is Indonesia

Status changed to: Closed

Hey there! 

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention.

Just to make sure, are you looking into the LG Content Store on your TV and browsed to > Apps > Music?

Keep us posted.


Hey, thanks for your feedback


I've tried looking on the search bar, if the application is not already on for the region Indonesia?



Thanks for getting back to us. 


Can you send us the current firmware of your device?


We'll take a closer look!





my current firmware is 03.10.75


Thanks before.


Thanks for the info!


We're afraid you won't be able to install the app because Spotify on is only available for LG TVs in the US, Canada, and Europe. 


that the application is will be present in Indonesia next time, or not?


i wish that application will be present in Indonesia, because this will be easier for me to access Spotify at home.


thanks for your atention.


Thanks for your comments!


We'll make sure to pass them along to the team.

Status changed to: Closed

Spotify pulled the app from WebOS 2.0 TV's. Never saw an announcement about this, now it just leaves all LG tv's from before 2016 out in the cold without a Spotify app. It's redicilous since it was their when they purchased the TV.


It frustrates me to no end, but there is nothing we can do. Spotify simply won't listen or doesn't care enough about the relatively small group of people they stab in the back.


I'm in Cyprus and I can't find it anywhere. Please help