ford sync problem

Status: Fixed

Since the latest update, spotify is unusable in ford cars using sync 2. The app has to be started before the engine is turned and sync unit are turned on. If the car and unit are turned on first the display in car stays on a frozen screen and nothing will play. You are unable to restart app on phone ( samsung s7) as the screen is locked on spotify/ford logo.

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We're glad to hear Spotify version: has solved the issue. 


If you need any futher help, feel free to start a new thread 🙂

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @gbdh, welcome to the Community!


Can you let us know what operating system and Spotify version you're currently using?


We'll see what we can suggest. 


Spotify version sync 2. Was fine until last update. Android updated to 6.0.1...


Thanks for the info @gbdh!


It's odd that this happens. You can try a clean reinstall of the app with these steps. Let us know if it makes any difference.


If possible, try using a different device. Do you experience the same?


We'll see what we can do for you.


Hi, tried a reinstall but still have the same problem.

This is how Spotify used to work

  • Have app running on phone
  • Start ignition on car
  • Display on sync 2 shows "connecting spotify"
  • Music starts playing.
  • turn off ignition...(doesnt matter how long for)
  • turn ignition back starts from where it left off ( Perfect !! )

Now after update, have to do the following

  • have app running on phone
  • start music playing on phone
  • Start ignition
  • Display shows "connecting spotify"
  • music starts
  • Turn off ignition...only for a few seconds
  • turn ignition back on
  • Display shows "connecting spotify" then blank screen, no music
  • cannot restart app on phone due to ford/spotify lock screen
  • have to disconnect blutooth, close app, start app up again, reconnect blutooth

Unable to try another device as my wife has same phone and has same problem. Music in my car is the only reason i subscribe but if this doesnt work anymore then I'm going to have to cancel...big shame...

please help thanks


Updated spotify today with and problem still the same.

Losing patience now, as I'm paying for nothing !


That doesn't sound good @gbdh!

Can you check if you have any Ford Sync updates? If so, can you try updating it and letting us know if you still experience the same issue? 


We'll see what we can suggest. 

According to Ford UK..I have the latest version installed. Everything else on ford sync ( phone, messaging etc) works fine.

Thanks for letting us know, @gbdh.


We understand you've already disconnected/reconnected your phone's and car's Bluetooth, but it's worth a shot to completely unpair the Bluetooth connection between your phone and your car.


Then, pair them again and try to use Spotify the way you used to. If that doesn't work and your wife's phone's never been connected to your car, try pairing it as well and see if it makes any difference.


Keep us posted and thanks for bearing with us.

Thanks for reply...I have now tried every combination with both phones..unpairing and pairing again but still the same. 
Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @gbdh!


We have some info about this here:

We appreciate your feedback in regards to this issue. We're passing it all along to the team behind this integration.


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