iOS 10 Preview Function Not Working

Status: Fixed

On the iOS 10 public beta, pressing and holding a song title to preview the song causes the app to crash 


Edit for staff update:

We're looking into this and hope to have a solution out soon.

This also happens on the non-beta version of iOS 10.



With our latest Spotify for iOS update (version 6.5), this should now be resolved.

Status changed to: Fixed

Hey @user-removed,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Could you let us know the Spotify version you're rocking? Also, a few screenshots of the issue would be super helpful.


We'll see what we can sugest.

Status changed to: Fixed
I can’t really take any screenshots because the app is crashing. It just happens when you press and hold on a song (i.e. in top charts) to hear a preview. I’m currently using Spotify v5.7.0.1055 on iOS 10 beta 10.0


@user-removed, thanks for sending that over!

Give it a try reinstalling the app and see if you're still experiencing the same issue. Here's how.


Keep us posted!

That did not fix the issue. I uninstalled the app, restarted my phone, and reinstalled the app

Hey @user-removed,


Thanks for giving it a try!


Could you give it a try from a different section of the app? I.e. from one of your playlists, from your saved music. Does the same thing happen from all of them? 


Keep us posted. 

Yes, the app crashes no matter where I try to preview the song from. I tried previewing one from my playlists, one from my saved music, and one from the top charts. All caused the app to crash

Hey @user-removed,


Try restarting your device by holding Home + Lock for 10 seconds. Does that help? 


We'll keep an eye over here.


Thanks for giving it a try @user-removed!


Is this happening on WiFi or 4G connection? Both? Could you check if the same thing happens with a different internet connection? Also, could you try with a different Spotify Premium account and check if the same thing happens? It might a friend's account or someone from your family. 


We'll be waiting for your reply.