iOS 10 Preview Function Not Working

On the iOS 10 public beta, pressing and holding a song title to preview the song causes the app to crash 


Edit for staff update:

We're looking into this and hope to have a solution out soon.

This also happens on the non-beta version of iOS 10.



With our latest Spotify for iOS update (version 6.5), this should now be resolved.


I have the same problem with iOS 10.0.1 (clean install) on iPhone SE. I hope you find the solution, it's one of the best features. In time, it will be available for Android too?


Just got the iPhone 7 and dealing with the same issue. They always say you don't know what you have until its gone and your previe feature crashing the app is causing me some feels.


Well put Zach. 


Same problem, everything's up to date on my iPhone 6 , tried everything.. app still crashes previewing songs. 😑 


Same problem here. When i use 3D-touch/hold to preview it instantly crashes the app.

I already tried reinstalling it, but so far no improvements.

I'm on iPhone 7 with latest iOS 10.


Everybody I know with iOS 10 is having this problem. One of the biggest things holding me to Spotify. Spotlight and Siri control are looking good by AM.

Status changed to: Fixed

With our latest Spotify for iOS update (version 6.5), this should now be resolved.

This seems to be working fine now in iOS 10 on both iPhone and iPad after the latest update. 


You need to update again you cant preview a song in the latest version of spotify



Community manager Per. Do we have any news on this?