iOS 9 excessive battery drain

Device: iPhone 6 16GB, iPhone 5s 16GB


Operating System Version: iOS 9.1/iOS 9.2


Spotify Version:


Description: The iOS app drains the battery far too quickly! Even with offline playlists, flight mode enabled and no background app refresh, my phone will still die completely from 100% after 5-6 hours of listening and that's if I use no other apps. My iPhone 6 is brand new! In the battery usage Spotify is always ranked as the most draining app and generally shows something around 50% (unless I use any other battery-intensive apps, the lowest I've seen it drop is around 30% - still far too much). My phone never lasts a full day, without Spotify running it's fine! On iOS 9.0.2 I used to easily get around 10 hours from my year-old 5s with exactly the same usage (also now dies after 6 hours). It's shockingly bad but I dislike all other streaming services.


To reproduce:

1. Play any music (including offline playlists)



2. None found, disabling EQ or audio normalisation makes no difference. Using an older version of the app also makes no difference.


Additional information:

Please fix this!




Hey there!

Thanks for letting us know about this. Did you try to resintall the app? Here's how:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify.  Also, can you make sure you don't leave the app running in the backround? Keep us posted.



The same problem. Extremely annoying!

Over 50% battery drain on my brand new 6S. Fix this!

The only answer I've seen in this thread is someone suggesting turning off "publish activity."  I'm trying that now and will report back if it works, but I'm also experiencing this issue on my iPhone 6. 

In my experience turning off Publish Activity doesn't make a difference. Going into Low Power mode while I'm using Spotify seems to help the battery drain normally, so I always do that now.

Having same issue. excessive battery drain reported due to Spotify.  About to unsubscribe from Premium over this


Count me as another user with the same issue. I'm running iOS 9.2 on a 5S. Battery drain is excessive even with offline playlists. 

I got a free 6 month Deezer subscription with my carrier (3 UK) as a Christmas giveaway - hadn't been using it as I prefer Spotify as a service. Offline though, Deezer *easily* lasts me an entire day, battery usage is comparable to stock iOS Music app. Spotify have NO EXCUSE whatsoever.

Spotify *REALLY* need to fix this, can't work out how to get it high enough up the food chain though - I DMed them on Twitter about it a while ago but just got the standard "we'll pass this on to the right people" reply. I have very little faith 😞

It's such a pity as the service itself is fantastic!

This issue has poppped up for me recently as well. Before the last update Spotify didn't seem to drain my battery too much. Now, it will drain excessively. Today for instance, my battery went from 62% to 14% in an hour and a half of listening to spotify. Before the last update I didnt noticed an issue.


same issue here. i use spotify in offline mode and yet it drains almost 45 percent of my battery since seven days. i wonder if apple music drains battery this fast. i will cancel my spotify account and go to apple music if this problem does not fix.


It wouldn't surprise me if Apple did this on purpose to make Apple Music more appealing 🤔