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iOS 9 excessive battery drain

Device: iPhone 6 16GB, iPhone 5s 16GB


Operating System Version: iOS 9.1/iOS 9.2


Spotify Version:


Description: The iOS app drains the battery far too quickly! Even with offline playlists, flight mode enabled and no background app refresh, my phone will still die completely from 100% after 5-6 hours of listening and that's if I use no other apps. My iPhone 6 is brand new! In the battery usage Spotify is always ranked as the most draining app and generally shows something around 50% (unless I use any other battery-intensive apps, the lowest I've seen it drop is around 30% - still far too much). My phone never lasts a full day, without Spotify running it's fine! On iOS 9.0.2 I used to easily get around 10 hours from my year-old 5s with exactly the same usage (also now dies after 6 hours). It's shockingly bad but I dislike all other streaming services.


To reproduce:

1. Play any music (including offline playlists)



2. None found, disabling EQ or audio normalisation makes no difference. Using an older version of the app also makes no difference.


Additional information:

Please fix this!




Hey there!

Thanks for letting us know about this. Did you try to resintall the app? Here's how:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify.  Also, can you make sure you don't leave the app running in the backround? Keep us posted.



It concerns me that this was classified as "not an issue". I can drain the battery very quickly on my one-month-old iPhone 6S using no other app except Spotify. I don't stream on my phone, I only listen to offline playlists that I've downloaded.


It's pretty ridiculous.


This seems to be happening to me as well.


I charged the phone (iPhone 6) fully by 9 am. I haven't used any other app but Spotify actively today and now I have 10% battery left at 13:46. I listened to a few hours of music during this time, which used to be okay as far as I can remember.

Welcome in the club.

Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

Same issue.  I went from 100% to 89% in under an hour while streaming at my home in offline mode.  Seems excessive since that is the only app running and I'm connected to wifi.

I'm having this problem too, even worse with AirPlay. 1 hour of AirPlay Spotify playback drains 50% of my brand new iPhone 6s battery, and it gets really hot. Clearly a bug.
I filed a bug report with Apple, but they just said "Spotify is not power efficient" (probably the most obvious thing ever said) and then closed the report.

You guys could try submitting bug reports to Apple as well to see if that makes a difference at all; I just wish there was a way we could also get the Spotify engineers to look at this thread so they'd see that lots of people are having this issue 😕
Any time I listen to Spotify now, I go into Low Power mode first, which helps a lot. Hardly a solution but it's the best I can get at the moment.
I'm experiencing the same issue on an iPhone 5. Spotify is draining my battery completely in half a day or less. Spotify has consistently been the app at the top of my battery usage, but I used to be able to use my iPhone for almost the whole day. Now every few hours I have to charge it. This is definitely an issue with the Spotify iOS app and needs looking into.

So, how long is this issue going to be ignored by Spotify??? It's a serious problem which in the long run will f**k the battery for good. Get your sh*t together SPOTIFY!!!


The same problem. Extremely anoying