[iOS] Album art not showing for offline tracks

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It appears that on iOS some people are finding album art is not being displayed for offline tracks. This is predominately found with locally synced files but has affected some users with Spotify streamed content set as offline.


To reproduce:

  1. Sync a playlist as offline and then play the track. No artwork is displayed




Additional information:

If you are having this issue, could you please let us know:

  • Model of device and iOS version
  • Whether the affected playlist contains only local files, a mixture or is all streaming only content
  • Any particular artists/tracks being affected
  • Format of the local file including encoder (if known)



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Version 2.1 is now out! All album art bugs should be fixed including the display of album art for local files.


Thanks for your patience and enjoy your album covers!

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I'm encountering the same thing with my offline synced playlist. I drive a truck for a living & have a data plan so I can't stream my music anymore. I hate not being able to see the album artwork. I've got an iPhone 6 on iOS 8.1
I have iPhone 5, iOS 8 (just the initial update, no follows, not 8.1) and have this problem. I'm on wifi and turn off the offline features yes still the art does not appear, so no matter what, I have no art. All songs are synched to my phone. Last night I reinstalled the app and then all the art appeared, but this morning it is gone.

Issue exists for all Spotify content when synced to offline mode. iOS 8.1, iPhone 6 Plus 64gb, latest version of Spotify from the App store as of Nov 11, 2014. Synced content from computer also fails to display album artwork.IMG_0014.pngIMG_0015.pngIMG_0017.png

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Spotify is aware of this bug. Thanks for the reports!

I have an IPhone 6 Plus with the latest update of software as of the date. Its so annoying because it loads in the little square box in the bottom left hand corner. Some of my old album artwork is loaded but the newest ones arent. Please fix this

This is affecting my iPhone 6 (iOS 8.1) and is affecting all of my music on both playlists, "Your Music" songs and local files. Might be worth noting that I have syncing set to "Extreme" quality.


iOS 8.1 on iPhone 6.

Didn't affect my iPhone 4S on the same iOS version.


iOS 8.1 on iPhone 6.

This problem is only affecting playlists that have been set to "available offline"

Small artwork shows when Hide, but does not appear when full size.


Also, when you queue a song when using spotify connect to control a pc, when you get to the queued song, the artwork is for the wrong song.  It displays the artwork for the next song ing the queue instead.


I wish there was a way to block spotify connect.  Why would you ever want to leave a playlist before it is finished?



iPhone 6 plus 64GB running ios8. I've been having this issue for two to three weeks and thought I was the only one with this issue. Only affects my offline playlist, small album artwork usually appears but when expanded its blank! Funnily this issue started approx 2-3 weeks ago when adding new offline music and previous to that it was working fine!