[iOS] Alphabetical Scroll Bar Missing in Offline Mode

Status: Fixed






iPhone SE

Operating System

iOS 13.3

Spotify Version


My Question or Issue


The alphabetical scroll bar disappears when Spotify is in offline mode.



Hey folks,

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this.

We'd like to share that the sorting order of the songs is changed to show those items that are available in offline mode first, when you go offline. So the Quick Scroll and A-Z index should not be shown when offline.


Thanks for your understanding!


Hi vizzie88!

That is an odd problem. I've never seen this before. Let's start with the basics. Is your Spotify up to date? Sometimes that simply can cause issues. The latest version as of today is Let me know!


My Spotify is up-to-date.


Bump. Extremely frustrating. I’m forced to go into offline mode because for some reason—even though I have them downloaded—my albums don’t load instantly when in online mode when reception is poor. Spotify, please address this issue.


Hey vizzie88,


I’m sorry your so frustrated. I’ve been experimenting to see if I could find a work around for this issue. It seems there isn’t a scroll bar for albums in offline mode, but there is a scroll bar for all your artists in offline mode. Maybe use that as an alternative until there is a solid solution? 

Thank you, but I don’t use or like the artists view. I mainly just want to get this bug on someone’s radar. The other reason I’m frustrated is the old UI was fine as it was until Spotify decided to shake it up for no good reason seemingly.

Thank you!

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey folks!


Looks like this issue is happening for some users.


If this is happening on your device, let us know by adding your +VOTE  and leaving a comment with the following:


  1. Your device
  2. The operating system version
  3. Exact version of the Spotify app you're on

We'll be sure to look into this.


Have a nice day!


Any updates on this? This is certainly a bug, I’ve been able to reproduce it on a few devices.


Hey all,

We're still looking into this, but we'll need some more info from you.

With this in mind, could you comment below with the following:

- exact Spotify app version

- your device + OS version
- a screenshot showing how the cover art appears

- any other details that can narrow down the issue for us?

@vizzie88 , can you also comment with your updated Spotify version and all relevant info, since quite some time passed after this Issue was created?

Thanks 🙂


Hi Petya. I’ve already provided this info in my original post. As far as I know I’m using the latest version of Spotify (