[iOS] App crashes when I try to turn off car view in the settings

I am unable to turn off the option to "allow Car view to automatically turn on when Spotify connects to your car's Bluetooth" in the settings. My app crashes every time I attempt to turn off the default "Car view" in the settings of Spotify on my iPhone. I have an iPhone 6s. (iOS 13.4.1 and Spotify Version 8.5.55) I have tried clearing catch, offloading the app, deleting the app, and reinstalling to no avail.


Hey there folks,


Our tech teams have been working hard backstage and we’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


We appreciate the recent comments confirming that things seem to be up and running again. If you are still experiencing this, we'd recommend making sure your device and operating system are up-to-date.

If you have any further questions, make sure to create a new thread in the relevant help board here.


Thanks again!

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This issue also occurs with an iPhone X on iOS 13.4. Please fix this.


Same problem with Spotify on iPhone 8 Plus.  App crashes when I disable car view.  Deleting and reinstalling app has no effect.


Tengo el mismo problema en Android, ya me había ido a otro reproductor de música porque me cansé de reportar este problema y que no sepan dar solución alguna, por ese motivo me fui a youtube music. Y ahora volví para ver su lo arreglaron y sigue con el mismo problema, a mi me pasa que reproduzco lo más bien y cuando entro a un juego sale de la trasmisión de chromecast y empieza a sonar en mi celular... Ni hablar que se tilda, no se puede cambiar no deja cambiar, se cierra, se reinicia... La verdad que es insoportable una aplicación con tantos años en el tema de música y con ese eterno problema. 


iPhone 11 Pro Max is crashing as soon as try turn car mode off. Also Spotify is crashing when trying use Snapchat when Spotify is connected Bluetooth to radio at same time. 


My app immediately crashes as soon as I try and turn off the car mode. It also keeps skipping while playing the song once I open my Snapchat or receive one. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max with completely updated Spotify app


iPhone Xr, iOS 13.4.1


App crashes when trying to turn off Car View in settings. 

Restarted phone, Cleared App cache, Uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify. Issue still persists. 


Same exact thing except I have iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13.4.1


Seems to be fixed for me on


Just wanna say with the update I just applied, the issue seems fixed. I was able to turn it off without a crash. Thanks Spotify! 

Casual Listener

Fixed for me in