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[iOS] App crashing/draining battery rapidly







iPhone 8 iOS: 14.2

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Since the last Spotify update it has crashed constantly. I can hardly make it through a song without it crashing. And it rapidly drains battery all of a sudden. And my background refresh is off. So I have tried restarting my phone, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as logging out and logging back in. None of this happened until this last update. Anyone else?

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate you sharing your reports in the Community.


Our teams are aware and working on this but they have done their magic backstage to help improve things in the meanwhile.


So you won't miss that and any further improvements in the app, we'd recommend making sure you're always rocking the latest version available for your device.


You can also try some common troubleshooting steps in case they do the trick for you:

  • A clean reinstallation of the app
  • If your device has some sort of low power mode or app, try disabling or whitelisting Spotify
  • Enable Background App Refresh from your phone's Settings > Spotify

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I have the exact same issue with battery draining, and the app also randomly stops playing music too. When I go to use the app after it stops playing music, it doesn't continue where I last left it - it starts loading from scratch.


iPhone 8

iOS 14.2

Spotify app version: 8.5.84




Music will pause 30-50 seconds into the song and when i go back to the app the music says it's paused at 3 seconds also causes my phone to overheat. Have tried all suggestions; uninstall and reinstall, clear cache. sign out everywhere, restart phone, reset network setting, but nothing has helped.

iPhone XR
iOS 14.2


Update: issues still persist. No amount of troubleshooting will fix it. Also, I never got a new release radar playlist this week. Wth is up with this?


@Everyone having these issues:

So I found that switching to offline mode seems to help with the crashing. I’ve been playing music in the background for about a half hour now to test this theory. So far it doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on the battery draining issue. 




Strange.. it still keeps crashing for me. Though, to be fair, it did last a little longer.


@xSpanishJ After taking my phone with me on a car ride I did find it crashing, though slightly less often. 


Same on iOS 13.5.1, iPhone SE 2, version 8.5.84. It doesn’t crash, but is killed by the SO because is using all CPU. Happens randomly, on wifi only and in the background.


From the log I see that the process has been killed due to large CPU usage:

Event: cpu usage
Action taken: Process killed
CPU: 48 seconds cpu time over 52 seconds (92% cpu average), exceeding limit of 80% cpu over 60 seconds


Full log:



@xSpanishJ I have the exact same problem. My phone gets really hot & Spotify randomly crashes. The song will replay from the start once I reopen the app and hit play again. I have the same phone, same iOS + Spotify version, etc;


It's really annoying 😞 Hope they find a fix for it soon.


I have an iPhone 7 Plus and it drains battery and keeps crashing. On iOS 14.2


I have a similar problem