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[iOS] App crashing/draining battery rapidly







iPhone 8 iOS: 14.2

My Question or Issue

Since the last Spotify update it has crashed constantly. I can hardly make it through a song without it crashing. And it rapidly drains battery all of a sudden. And my background refresh is off. So I have tried restarting my phone, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as logging out and logging back in. None of this happened until this last update. Anyone else?

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate you sharing your reports in the Community.


Our teams are aware and working on this but they have done their magic backstage to help improve things in the meanwhile.


So you won't miss that and any further improvements in the app, we'd recommend making sure you're always rocking the latest version available for your device.


You can also try some common troubleshooting steps in case they do the trick for you:

  • A clean reinstallation of the app
  • If your device has some sort of low power mode or app, try disabling or whitelisting Spotify
  • Enable Background App Refresh from your phone's Settings > Spotify

Since we'll be updating this thread with any updates we have to pass on, we'd also suggest leaving your +VOTE and subscribing to this thread via the three-dot menu on the original post.


If you're curious about what the different Ongoing Issues statuses mean, check this Spotify Answer.




Hey everybody,


We've received multiple reports of the extreme battery drain and app crashing after the most recent update.


We'd like to report this to the right team. In order to do so we'd need some additional info:

  • Device model and OS version
  • Spotify version
  • Does this happen over Wi-Fi only or Mobile data as well
  • Screenshots of the battery usage their phone settings report

We'll be on the lookout for your replies. 


Cheers 🙂



Background data is turned off and has been turned off. There was an update for Spotify this morning. Problem still persists. 


IOS 14.1. Iphone 11. Started crashing before that update. Battery is dying even with background data off.

i download my playlists so wifi and data is irrelevant, still crashes.
spotify version

I have the exact same problem. I have an iPhone XR with iOS 4.1, and the latest Spotify app version. My phone will get very warm to the touch, in the upper right area of the phone, and Spotify will randomly crash while playing music. It's very annoying, I've had to use Apple Music for the time being whenever I want to listen to music on my phone.


I installed version 8.5.84 yesterday hoping for a fix. Problems still persist despite the troubleshooting process. It all started on 8.5.82 ( 2 updates ago, assuming the versions are in sequence). While on WiFi I can’t make it through a song. While playing offline I can usually go two to three songs before a crash. 



apple Itouch IOS 14.2

spotify version

extreme battery drain

I tried deleting the app and doing a fresh install. 

No help at all.

Hoping for a solution soon. 

Awesome app until recent glitch.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this issue to us.


We’ve passed your info on to the relevant team, who are currently looking into it.


If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to add your +VOTE, subscribe.


Thanks! We’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as we have any updates on this.







iPhone 8

Operating System

iOS 14.2


My Question or Issue

I've had this problem for weeks now: I'll listen to music (usually offline to save data, but even connected it still happens) and suddenly it just quits. The app shuts down and I have to open it again. It happens every 2-15 minutes and it started after iOS 14.


I waited a bit before installing the latest update (iOS 14.2), after the app kept crashing for  no apparent reason (from what I could tell). I then followed a set of instructions repeated on every site I viewed, including several in the Spotify Community, (restarting phone, updating, cleaning up the cache, the offload, delete and re-install app, all of it), to no avail. The cleaning of cache, offload + delete & re-install helped for just over 24 hours,  but it's back to quitting at random again now.


I'm running out of ideas as to what to do at this point. It takes forever to download all the playlists I need offline, and I can't keep having to re-install every 24 hours 'cause it do be taking hours to get all the songs downloaded.


So what I'm wondering here, is there anything else I can try? Is this a common issue with iOS 14? And lastly, if so, how soon can we expect a fix?


After thought:

I've also had issues with queuing after the app quits. The app quits, and I'll close the app, wait the suggested 1 minute before opening again, and start queuing the songs I'd planned on listening to, only to realize none of the songs I've queued where actually queued. In some cases, only the last song queued was actually queued when I checked the queue list. This also happens whether I'm offline or not.


Spotify Version: 8.5 84

Device: IPhone 11 Pro Max 
IOS: 14.2

I have logged out and logged back in, uninstalled and reinstalled, check my background app refresh, and it still crashes. I can’t get through one song with it crashing and draining my battery. At this point I’m fed up and canceling my subscription until this gets fixed.