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[iOS] App crashing/draining battery rapidly







iPhone 8 iOS: 14.2

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Since the last Spotify update it has crashed constantly. I can hardly make it through a song without it crashing. And it rapidly drains battery all of a sudden. And my background refresh is off. So I have tried restarting my phone, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as logging out and logging back in. None of this happened until this last update. Anyone else?

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate you sharing your reports in the Community.


Our teams are aware and working on this but they have done their magic backstage to help improve things in the meanwhile.


So you won't miss that and any further improvements in the app, we'd recommend making sure you're always rocking the latest version available for your device.


You can also try some common troubleshooting steps in case they do the trick for you:

  • A clean reinstallation of the app
  • If your device has some sort of low power mode or app, try disabling or whitelisting Spotify
  • Enable Background App Refresh from your phone's Settings > Spotify

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So I had this issue last year for about 8 months, then it suddenly stopped and worked fine. But just this week after I updated my iPhone it came back, Spotify now crashes after every 1-2 songs. It used to crash about 10 seconds in so it’s not as bad as before but still an unusable app. Useless, hasn’t been fixed. 


Same issue, nothing is working. Clean reinstall, toggle background app readership, uninstall and reinstall, restart phone. This has been happening for a week.


iOS 14.8 and Spotify version Only happens with earphones and AirPods, not my Bose speaker. Also not happening with my dad’s iPhone or Spotify. I’m sick of this.


I’m just going to switch to Apple Music or something, I can’t take this anymore. This isn’t worth the Premium price and no advice is helping.


Same problem here. Over 80% of CPU usage on my phone. Have no problems with other apps.


On my computer, Spotify takes an unreasonable amount of CPU as well. 


It is a music streaming app. Could someone explain what so much computing power is used for?!


Probably no other option than switching to other music streaming apps. 


Same thing has been happening too, it's so frustrating. Draining my battery like crazy, and I've tried all the recommended fixes. iPhone 8, iOS 14.7.1, Spotify ver. Really not sure what to do now, might have to stop using Spotify altogether since my battery drains so fast and I can't use my phone for anything else. 


hi, i have an android (nokia) and this just started happening within the past three days. i have never had this problem before, but my app keeps closing out after so long of my music playing or being on the app. (a very small window of activity, btw) i constantly clear tabs and apps, and i clean reinstalled it twice now. it isn't draining my battery or anything like that- just shutting out or stopping my music and my player removes itself as well. this is also a new phone, i haven't even had it a month yet. i checked for updates as well as various troubleshooting methods in other forums. me and my friend are split paying duo, so for this to happen so frequently and making it pretty much near impossible to do anything worthwhile on it. i would love some feedback!


hello, i'm currently experiencing this problem too. 

i have a vivo v21e smartphone and everytime i try to play a song, the app just keeps crashing. i've tried virtually every single solution i can find on the internet, nothing works. the app doesnt drain my battery or anything it quite literally just wont play a single song without it crashing on me.


i'm not sure what may have caused it, it just started to happen this morning when i opened up spotify. it was working just fine last night.


iPhone 13 pro and Spotify consumes more than half my battery on days I barely even play from my phone. This isn't the first time this has happened either so I'm wondering if they release bad app versions that have performance issues which drain battery in the background