[iOS] App crashing/draining battery rapidly

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iPhone 8 iOS: 14.2

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Since the last Spotify update it has crashed constantly. I can hardly make it through a song without it crashing. And it rapidly drains battery all of a sudden. And my background refresh is off. So I have tried restarting my phone, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as logging out and logging back in. None of this happened until this last update. Anyone else?

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate you sharing your reports in the Community.


Our teams are aware and working on this but they have done their magic backstage to help improve things in the meanwhile.


So you won't miss that and any further improvements in the app, we'd recommend making sure you're always rocking the latest version available for your device.


You can also try some common troubleshooting steps in case they do the trick for you:

  • A clean reinstallation of the app
  • If your device has some sort of low power mode or app, try disabling or whitelisting Spotify
  • Enable Background App Refresh from your phone's Settings > Spotify

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It seems that spotify takes too much of cpu usage and that activates a kill switch that is built in the cpu. ( I am not a expert in this area but Im sure this is a general idea of the problem)



I've tried reporting this issue multiple times and the issue is archived before a solution is found. Just like many folks since January, the Spotify app keeps crashing and seems to only affect iPhone, not android phones.

I have an iPhone 11 - issue started with iOS 14 and each time a new phone update comes out or a new update for the app, I update. 

Current version of iPhone IOS: 14.4.2

Spotify app version:

The issue is highly intermittent. It happens usually when the app is running in the background or the phone screen locks.


Again, all the app updates since January have not resolved the issue.


I tried putting my Spotify app in offline mode and that usually fixes it
for me. If it comes back again in a few days or weeks I repeat the process.
It’s not ideal but it is definitely better than re-downloading the whole
app and songs

Hello everyone,


I’m not involved with Spotify (other that using the service) but I’m curious how this issue is not fixed already.


To see why your Spotify app is crashing go to Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics data


And look for entries with the Spotify name.

At the top corner right there is a button to copy the log file. As they are really large, please use a paste bin service to share it, like:



Copy the contents there and share the URL.


You will find something like this (this example is with an old version):


Version:          8.5.84 (858400680)


Event:            cpu usage

Action taken:     Process killed

CPU:              48 seconds cpu time over 54 seconds (89% cpu average), exceeding limit of 80% cpu over 60 seconds


What is happening is that Spotify is using too much CPU and the operating system kills the app (I guess to reduce battery usage).


When your phone is locked, the amount of CPU that Spotify can use is strictly limited, so this problem seems to happen more often when the phone is locked.


I have not seen any problem since 2020-01-15, so I was thinking it was solved (I have app auto update enabled). But seeing your comments, it looks like is still an issue. It may affect other iOS or iPhones differently.


From my logs, I see that this happens from time to time, so it may be a problem hard to reproduce at the Spotify end.


@Uudju so my question would be why is this only happening to some folks and not everyone? What causes it to happen to such random people? 


@Mimifangs I don’t know.


As this problem seems to happen randomly, there may be some factors that affect the probability of it happening. Different iOS versions, the order in which some Spotify actions happened, or any other thing really may trigger the bug more of less often.


By reporting what was doing the Spotify app when it was killed (which is more or less contained in the error logs) we could try to guess at what point it happened. As neither the Spotify binary nor the iOS libraries contain debug symbols, we don't see a lot of useful information. These logs are usually already sent so Spotify by default (unless you have disabled the "send analytics reports" feature), so the Spotify team should have enough information to at least know that there is a problem.


I tried wiping the phone completely and reinstalling the app. The issue is still present. The issue occurred during each update apple and Spotify have released. It is still an ongoing issue with iphones.

Phone: iPhone 12

OS: iOS 14.6

Subscription: Premium


I have prefer to download playlists and listen to music than stream. Even with tracks downloaded (High Quality), I have noticed my device heats up while connected through Bluetooth and then there is massive battery drain. I was curious to see if this is a similar issue with Apple music and I did not find any problem. Possibility to get this reviewed and fixed? 


Ok I’m just going to get down to the bottom of this Spotify developers JUST STOP UPDATING THE APP AND QUIT TELLING US TO KEEP THE APP UPDATES TURNED ON AND QUIT TELLING US USERS TO ALWAYS KEEP AUTOMATIC UPDATES TURNED ON YOU GUYS KEEP SAYING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER THE PROBLEM “S T I L L EXISTS!!!!!! The Spotify app still overheats my iPhone 12 Pro Max and none of the other apps are open on my iPhone and my background app refresh is also turned off. I have also restored my iPhone to default settings and back to brand new and I install the Spotify app and it is still overheating my iPhone 12 Pro Max and I have no other apps installed besides the ones that come with the iPhone that Apple has on there. Developers I don’t know what you did but stop what you’re doing and fix this issue it still exists. Fix the problem or I am switching back to Apple Music! 


Guys, what is your battery health maximum capacity? My phone is fairly new and the percentage is going fairly quickly down. 

Hope it's not caused by Spotify and it's not killing my battery. I wouldn't be so surprised as the application is overheating the phone a lot.