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When using Spotify on an iOS device to play over bluetooth, some third-party devices don't receive metada (track, artist, album info, etc. is not displayed on third-party device)


Additional information:

- We're collecting information about which specific devices are not receiving metadata. If your device is affected, please reply and provide as much information as possible.

Some useful information (but feel free to add more, if you feel it might be relevant)

  • brand
  • model
  • firmware version
  • iOS version
  • Spotify (for iOS) version

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With no replies in a long time, I'm going to close this.



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Hi, I have exactly the same problem except I'm not connected via bluetooth, I have an IPod USB-cable.


I have a Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA100 connected via usb-cable (not bluetooth streaming). I can use IPod-control to change track/play/pause, but metadata is very glitchy. Sometimes it works and I get Cover art and everything, but most of the time there is nothing, not even the length of the track.


I have contacted Pioneer support and they say it is related to the Spotify IOS app not sending metadata since it works on other apps. They also stated that there is problem with spotify metadata on other third-party IPod docking stations. One thing he mentioned to get it work a litte bit better is to turn of "Gapless Playback", but I haven't tried that yet.


I dont know what the root cause is, Spotify app or IOS 6.1 or Pioneer Ipod control???

It would be great if someone can confirm that problem is in the spotify app or not!? So I know who I'm going to blame ;). It would be awesome if i could get the cover art and metadata displayed in my car stereo!


  • Car stereo: Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA100 Firmware version 8.17
  • IOS: 6.1.3
  • Spotify: running on IPhone 4

Pioneer F40BT App Radio FW 4.01
Iphone 5 iOS 6.1.3



Via bluetooth I get all text info, but no covers..


Could be nice with covers as well

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I get absolutely no metadata when streaming via Bluetooth. I do get basic controls, I can skip forward and skip back but no information is ever displayed on my radio. My radio displays information perfectly when streaming the built-in iOS music player as well as Pandora, aha, several other free players.

Radio: Pioneer AVIC-Z150BH
Firmware: 1.03 (was just released a few days ago, but I had the same problem with the original 1.00 firmware)
Spotify version:
iOS: 6.1

I also contacted Pioneer tech support who promptly blamed the Spotify app as every other app I use to stream via Bluetooth shows metadata perfectly. I have been a paying customer of Spotify since they started in the U.S. However, unless this gets fixed, I am just waiting on another music app that offers similar services so that I can cancel Spotify and move on to them.
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I would also like to add that I tried turning off gapless playback and still had the same problem. No metadata at all to the head unit via Bluetooth.

2013 Buick Encore with stock radio and Samsung Galaxy S4


No metadata and no covers being sent, plays audio fine over bluetooth, but my poweramp mp3 android player sends everything. Powerplay also has an option to force metadata to make sure Bluetooth gets it.


Whats annoying is Spotify is shown as an app on Buick car computers on youtube, but not yet.


Crazy!  I dont need the car to have the app, just fix the android app.  🙂



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Same problem here!


Device: iPhone 4S

iOS: 6.1.3


Car & Player: Audi Q5 - MMI 3G+ 2013


One curious thing is that I rented an Audi A1 and metadata was perfectly displayed.


I started a thread here:


Thank you in advance Spotify Dev Team for taking us into account!

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I would also like to add to my original post. About 1 in every 100 Bluetooth connects to the Pioneer Z150BH I get metadata to the radio from Spotify.

I don't know why it randomly works in very rare cases. I have also contacted Pioneer about this but they claim it is an issue with the Spotify app as the built in iOS music app works perfectly all the time.

I LOVE Spotify except for this issue. I have been actively trying other competitors' products to find one that works with Bluetooth metadata. As soon as I find one, I will be canceling my Spotify subscription (unless Spotify beats them to it).
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I have the same problem. I just bought a 2013 Escape with My Ford Touch. Metadata information displays (even artwork) displays on other apps like tune in radio, my iTunes, etc. However in spotify it is sporadic.

Ford touch
Firmware version: 3.5
ios 7 beta 3
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Status changed to: Fixed

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