[iOS] Changing Password Causes Login App Crash

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Spotify application crashes when attempting to login after a password change.


To reproduce (Kindly provided by @Merik ):

  • Logged into account on iPad.
  • Changed password via the Spotify Website.
  • Opened Spotify on iPad.
  • Automatically logged out then given message "Could not login to Spotify. Maybe you've changed or misspelled the password?" and unable to tap "Ok"...app crashes after 5 seconds or so.
  • Tried reopening the app and restarting the iPad several times but problem continues.



Provided by @AKF3 : Put your phone/iPad into airplane mode > Open spotify > Logout > Take airplane mode off > Log into spotify

Alternatively if that fails, a clean reinstallation of the app should fix this. 


Additional information:

Appears to effect both iPhone and iPad. 


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Status: Fixed

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This workaround didn't work for me. The login page never loads.