[iOS] Changing Password Causes Login App Crash

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Spotify application crashes when attempting to login after a password change.


To reproduce (Kindly provided by @Merik 😞

  • Logged into account on iPad.
  • Changed password via the Spotify Website.
  • Opened Spotify on iPad.
  • Automatically logged out then given message "Could not login to Spotify. Maybe you've changed or misspelled the password?" and unable to tap "Ok"...app crashes after 5 seconds or so.
  • Tried reopening the app and restarting the iPad several times but problem continues.



Provided by @AKF3 : Put your phone/iPad into airplane mode > Open spotify > Logout > Take airplane mode off > Log into spotify

Alternatively if that fails, a clean reinstallation of the app should fix this. 


Additional information:

Appears to effect both iPhone and iPad. 


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Status: Fixed

Great, this indeed solved the problem. Thanks. 


yes airplane mode definitely fixes this. thanks


Great workaround, this solved my problem when I changed my FB PW

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This work around isn't working for me. Any other thoughts?

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Even after a clean reinstall? What version of iOS and Spotify are you using?
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I didn't do the clean reinstall. Planning on doing that as last resort because I don't want to lose my synced songs. I tried the "Airplane Mode" work around mentioned in this post. 


I have an iPhone with iOS 7.1 and Spotify app version 0.9.4.


There were a few other apps that had this issue as well but I logged in through Facebook via the settings on my phone and it seemed to fix the issue. For some reason it didn't fix Spotify, though.

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Perfect. The work around was a success. Thanks
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I just submitted a contact form about this same issue, you might want to just delete it. 

Spotify Case # 01346684


Thanks to the community for solving the issue with a clever workaround. I've loved the service, but I expect more from spotify. This bug's been open for months with the only solutions being asking users to trial and error through workarounds or scrap all downloaded content to use the service they pay for.

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This workaround didn't work for me. The login page never loads.
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@Nvtalmad - Did you get this sorted?

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