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[iOS] Connect not working when Spotify is not granted access to Mobile Data


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(iPhone Xr, iPad Air Gen. 1)

Operating System

(iOS 12.4)


My Question or Issue

When I block Spotify from using my mobile data plan in the iOS settings, then Spotify connect doesn't work anymore for my Sonos and UPnP devices.


I'm on WiFi (the same as the devices I want to connect to), mobile data is turned on, but I don't allow Spotify to use it.


Once I allow Spotify to use mobile data or disable mobile data for the whole OS, Spotify actually picks up all devices on my network.


It seems like there is a bug that stops Spotify from listening to broadcasts on my wifi.

it's very odd that settings that concern cellular use only affect the receival of local packages on my wifi.


Pls fix this issue, it's annoying.


workaround for now: allow spotify to use mobile data or disable mobile data manually every time you enter your home/wifi.


This bug doesn't exist on Android. There I can block mobile access and Spotify connect keeps on working just fine.

Hey folks,

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.

We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone with the latest update.


Make sure your app is updated by performing a clean reinstall of the app on your device.


Thanks! Stay awesome 😉


I discovered the cause of this issue together with German support Chat and she promised she would forward this issue to the devs, after I explicitly asked her to.

But I don't think she understood how severe this bug is. "Now that we found a solution, you don't have a problem anymore, right?" well...

I kind of don't want Spotify to eat up my mobile data plan (That's why I download my music beforehand after all) but I also want to keep using Sonos from the app.


Anyways that's why I also post it here, so devs and affected users can pick up on it. and we have a manual workaround till it gets fixed 🙂


Thank you so much for sharing this issue and its solution. I wasted the whole morning troubleshooting this issue (although I would have had much better things to do than that). Without your post, I would never have guessed that disabled mobile access is blocking the Spotify app from discovering Connect devices on WiFi. 


Dear Spotify Developers, 


If you read this, please fix this super silly bug. No one wants to get their mobile data plan drained for using a functionality that is completely unrelated to mobile data. I was sitting the whole morning with my iPhone trying to troubleshoot this, sending curses and bad wishes into Spotify's general direction. 


And let me point out that I would perhaps not be so irate if the Spotify app was not one of the worst apps ever seen on the App Store. I cannot sort playists, the app frequently forgets the playlist just played, the app cannot remember the position in previous playlists after I leave them (this makes audio books on Spotify utterly unusable but is also annyoing for music playlists), etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.


Thanks a lot for sharing! I have been struggling with this for weeks, blaming and trying different fixes in my phone, my receiver and my router. Your workaround just solved it for everyone at home! Certainly a bug that will, hopefully, be fixed by Spotify.


Thanks for posting this, that bug has been driving me crazy! Glad someone found a workaround, and hopefully the devs will actually fix it soon.


Worth pointing out it's enough to turn off OS-wide mobile data for about five seconds, and then Spotify will remember the connection. So you can just swipe up, turn off mobile data in the control center, wait five seconds, and then turn it back on.

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey all,


We understand that for some users Connect does not work when Spotify does not have access to Mobile Data. If you are experiencing this, please click +vote and leave a post with the following:


  • Your device(s)
  • OS + version
  • Spotify version

We'll look into this and keep you up-to-date as soon as we have more info.


Thanks and have a nice day!


Thanks for looking into this. Here's the info requested.


iPhone XR
iOS v12.4.1
Spotify v8.5.19.947




iPhone X 

IOS 13.1 Beta 

Spotify v.


iPhone SE

iOS 12.4.1



I have the same problem, Spotify App Connect to Device doesn't show Sonos speakers, previously working.

5 Sonos 1 Speakers

1 Sonos 3 Speaker

1 Sonos Amp


iOS 12.4 on iPhone 8 Plus


Sonos App - 10.3.3

Spotify -


I do have cellular data off for Spotify, I will activate it and see if fixes the issue.




iPhone 8

iOS 12.4

Spotify v.