[iOS][Desktop] Queuing Track In Playlist Causes a Queue skip (plays track twice)


Status: Under Investigation


Queuing a track in iOS, which is located later on the playlist which is currently playing will cause the track to play twice. This happens due to all of the tracks between the hard queued copy of the track, and the soft queued (playlist) copy of the track being skipped out of the play queue. 


This appears to have been introduced as a bug in the desktop client in v0.9.10.x as well. 


To reproduce:

  1. Start Spotify
  2. Play a playlist
  3. Queue any track which is later on that playlist. 
  4. Once the track plays once, the Spotify app will skip all tracks between the two queued copies of the track in the playlist, therefore playing the track twice. 

Screenshots in Spoiler below:



Using Spotify Connect to view the play queue over on my android device (since you can't view play queue on iOS), I can see:


Queued Horizons:



Horizons then plays:



Horizons then plays again, Spotify skips Goodbye and Punching in a dream from the Play Queue:



After it has played twice, the next track plays:








Additional information:

The same issue does not appear to happen when queuing on android.


If you are having either of these issues please can you post below:

-- Version of Spotify you're using
-- Version of iOS you're using





2014-05-18: Adding desktop to the effected platforms.


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Hey everyone! This was fixed on the desktop in the 0.9.13 version of the desktop app. Are any of you still having trouble on your iOS device? If so please let us know. 

Status: Fixed

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Apparently not everyone can post a new bug thread so I found this one and it is related to the queue function.


On my iPhone 5S (running Spotify app version with Premium subscription) I do the following:


1) Play a radio station

2) Choose a song from "My Music" to queue next

3) Song plays next as expected

4) After that song, if I "thumbs up" any songs later I get a message with a big X saying "Something went wrong" (how descriptive)


Restarting the app seems to clear it.

Gig Goer

I am having this issue on PC, Mac, and iPhone. If I queue any number of songs, the last song queued will play twice.

Casual Listener

This problem is now active with PC version also :(

I'm using version


Hi there


I confirm that I am still having this issue using the Spotify app with an Applie Iphone 8 with iOS 12.1 (in conjunction wiht the Yamaha Music Cast wifi speaker network). Have there been any recent devlopments in relation to fixes or workarounds for this problem? It is very frustrating.


Thank you



This is happening on iOS.

Spotify Version: 8.5.15

iOS Version: 12.3.2 


Steps to reproduce:

1) Listen to a playlist using Spotify connect

2) Queue an album up while listening to the playlist

3) The 2nd song of the album will repeat itself