[iOS][Desktop] Queuing Track In Playlist Causes a Queue skip (plays track twice)


Status: Under Investigation


Queuing a track in iOS, which is located later on the playlist which is currently playing will cause the track to play twice. This happens due to all of the tracks between the hard queued copy of the track, and the soft queued (playlist) copy of the track being skipped out of the play queue. 


This appears to have been introduced as a bug in the desktop client in v0.9.10.x as well. 


To reproduce:

  1. Start Spotify
  2. Play a playlist
  3. Queue any track which is later on that playlist. 
  4. Once the track plays once, the Spotify app will skip all tracks between the two queued copies of the track in the playlist, therefore playing the track twice. 

Screenshots in Spoiler below:



Using Spotify Connect to view the play queue over on my android device (since you can't view play queue on iOS), I can see:


Queued Horizons:



Horizons then plays:



Horizons then plays again, Spotify skips Goodbye and Punching in a dream from the Play Queue:



After it has played twice, the next track plays:








Additional information:

The same issue does not appear to happen when queuing on android.


If you are having either of these issues please can you post below:

-- Version of Spotify you're using
-- Version of iOS you're using





2014-05-18: Adding desktop to the effected platforms.


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Hey everyone! This was fixed on the desktop in the 0.9.13 version of the desktop app. Are any of you still having trouble on your iOS device? If so please let us know. 

Status: Fixed

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I have this problem on Windows 8.1 with version


Yup, same issue here. Windows 7 with version

Casual Listener

Same (Windows 7,


Note 1: This is a new issue--previous versions didn't do this.


Note 2: You don't have to add something that is visible in the play queue (and by visible, I mean it is one of the ~50 tracks that you can scroll to see) .  I added something that was not visible in the queue (but originated from the same list, so it could have been technically in the play queue, but I wouldn't have been able to see it) and it does essentially the same thing--play the last item in the queue twice and then the rest of the play queue is different than what it was.

Casual Listener

@yzerman wrote:

Same issue - and not sure about the skipping between songs being the bug.


I have my playlist on shuffle - and when I queue a song, it plays twice. That seems to be the glaring bug, at least for me since I don't usually listen to my playlists in order.

When you're listening to a shuffled playlist (as you and I clearly do), if you look at the upcoming songs after your queued tracks, they'll all change after the track plays twice.

Casual Listener

Windows 7 Pro SP1

Desktop client  (just upgraded this morning)

Casual Listener

Yeah, updated on pc to v. but the problem seems to persist so no fix for it yet... :/

Casual Listener

Just upgraded to on Win7 Desktop.

Bug still there.  


I have the version on Win7 Desktop and this bug is a little...annoying

Newbie got it today (2014-06-28) Confirming problem exist and occur.

Not applicable

I´ve been experiencing this bug for a while now. I now use version on Windows 7, 64 bits. Spotify was updated yesterday, but it didn´t solve the bug. It´d be really great if this is fixed soon, because it is quite annoying.