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[iOS] Devices Crashing upon startup

apps for both crash at launch 

I can’t get in to see the Spotify versions but they are the latest versions for each 

both devices have ample storage space 


iPhone X, iOS 13.4.1  , 170gb Free 


older iPad, iOS 12.4.6  , 35gb Free


Both started crashing at same time. They were fine all day. That they are both crashing indicates it’s not the device or software 


Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.



UPDATE: Just tried this and a I am at least operational again, Spotify Connect still having some issues:

An update here, I was able to solve the immediate crash, but I had to follow specific steps. For my iPhone I followed the steps outlined in the answer for resetting exactly.


For my iPad, I followed the steps except  for resetting the device. For me, what seemed to fix it was the "Offload" and "Delete app" steps in Settings:

  •  Navigate to General > iPhone Storage > Spotify
  • Tap "Offload App" first
  • Tap "Delete App"
  • Reinstall

Those steps solved the crash issue for me. The issue might have been data that was still living in some cache instead of being cleared by simply uninstalling from the home screen. This might not be the solution, as I've seen others say they uninstalled/reinstalled and it still didn't work, but the steps above worked for me.

Plan: Premium
Country: United States
Device: iPhone X
Operating System: iOS 13.3

My Question or Issue:
My Spotify app works when I am uses cellular data. When I connect to wifi, the app crashes upon launch. This is an issue for multiple people that I know as well.
Just upgraded to premium yesterday, having same issue as others on this thread. Spotify won't load on my iphone, or my son's. Also will not play on Alexa device. It will work on my laptop. Have reinstalled app on iphone, done a soft boot and a hard boot on the phone. All latest versions of software, iOS and Spotify.

We can’t open it 

i did the same, didn´t work. now 30 minutes later atleast i get into the, but connected trough facebook and that part is **bleep**ed up.

can someone help me? i have an iPhone XS max and 5 minutes ago my Spotify started to crash which the message ”IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY” I tried to restart the phone but nothing changed and I can’t reinstall the app. Please help

Same thing happened to me after trying to cast Spotify on my Google Home (how I listen to music everyday, nothing new). Now I can't play Spotify at all on the app, web player or Google Home.
Deactivating the wifi seems to fix the issue temporarily, but Spotify won't connect to my Google Home anymore.
Using an iPhone 6S, MacBook Pro, Premium user.
Please let us know how to fix this issue! Thx

Old iPhone 5c (10.3.3) with same issue (premium account).


"Turn WiFi and mobile data off, launch the app, turn them back on."

This has the app working again me ... after reinstalling and losing all my downloaded songs!


Reinstalling the app and hard resetting my iPhone did not fix the problem.