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[iOS] Extreme battery drain on iPhone 5

Status: Fixed

Thread: 154996

Status: Fixed


Spotify seems to drain the battery on some iPhones


Additional information:

From the original thread:

"I have the premium service and have noticed a significant battery drain when using Spotify as compared to my iPhone 4. Is it just me?

I've optimized my phone to conserve power as much as possible already. Brightness, push/fetch, location, turned off cellular for spotify... Still. It drains really fast."




2013-02-04: This issue is still high on our to-fix list.

2014-05-19: This appears to have been fixed in the v1.0.x releases. Anyone still having issues please let us know. 


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I am using iPhone 5 32gb running iOS 9.3.2 Spotify is using 63% of my battery when I left my house going out to lunch and to the grocery store

i had 100% of battery.  now just got home now I'm down to 23%

but my iPad 2 16gb  running the same iOS same software that My iPhone 5 has but Spotify in my iPad 2 uses 49% of its battery 

Is there a fix for this I use my Spotify all day when I am out of the house 


iphone 5 with iOS 10 still having problem.


already tried:

1. re-install spotify  (3 times, 1 time with iOS 9)

2. reboot iPhone5 (serveral times)

3. switch spotify to offline mode