[iOS] Extreme battery drain on iPhone 5

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Status: Fixed


Spotify seems to drain the battery on some iPhones


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"I have the premium service and have noticed a significant battery drain when using Spotify as compared to my iPhone 4. Is it just me?

I've optimized my phone to conserve power as much as possible already. Brightness, push/fetch, location, turned off cellular for spotify... Still. It drains really fast."




2013-02-04: This issue is still high on our to-fix list.

2014-05-19: This appears to have been fixed in the v1.0.x releases. Anyone still having issues please let us know. 


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agree with above comments - really not happy about this, Enough for me to go back to Soundcloud as I mostly use spotfiy on my phone, and can't tolerate such a drain when i listen to music.

Same thing. Spotify just drains too much battery for a music app.
Just downloaded spotify and signed up for premium, and my god but I'm horrified by how quickly my iPhone 5 battery is draining - no cellular, and still using 20%. This thread dates back years, which is seriously concerning because there is no way I'm going to stay on past the free trial if this is just how it is. Not to mention, running spotify leaves my phone at about the approximate temperature of the sun. Might be worth looking into, guys. Because I love spotify, don't get me wrong, but this is crazy.
Still problems with huge battery drain! Way more than any other apps.

I'd just like to remind everyone who is still having issues with iPhone 5 battery drain that the iPhone 5 generally has a battery life which sucks and it might just be that you have a faulty device. Apple did issue a replacement scheme where they will replace the battery for you - you can find more information over at: https://www.apple.com/uk/support/iphone5-battery/


Spotify is a streaming application, and will naturally take up battery life, as other apps like YouTube will. If you want my solution to this issue, just upgrade your device - you can't hog onto ancient technology forever.

"ancient" lol
for the record I did eventually have my battery replaced and it did alleviate the problem somewhat. ultimately I just gave up on Spotify premium, I realized I was throwing money away for a stagnating product when I could always just download the music I cared about and hear new music on apps like soundcloud and hypemachine (the app has offline features too) kisses, former premium member (2012-2015)
For the record, I am a continuing spotify premium user, because the product
rocks, BUT from my experience Soundcloud and Hypemachine have far less
battery drain (even though both stream music)

I'm glad I just found this thread. I'm a premium member and I have never had a problem with Spotify draining the life from my battery, until yesterday. I was out jogging and when I took a break I noticed a significant drop in battery life. I checked usage and saw 72% for Spotify! I don't understand why this suddenly became a problem.  I love Spotify, but I will cancel my subscribtion if this continues to be an issue. 

I'm aware that this is an old thread, but I recently started experiencing the same behaviour on an iPhone 5. Spotify is draining my battery in half a day or less. My battery usage stats always put Spotify at over 50% for background activity.