[iOS] Extreme battery drain on iPhone 5

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Status: Fixed


Spotify seems to drain the battery on some iPhones


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"I have the premium service and have noticed a significant battery drain when using Spotify as compared to my iPhone 4. Is it just me?

I've optimized my phone to conserve power as much as possible already. Brightness, push/fetch, location, turned off cellular for spotify... Still. It drains really fast."




2013-02-04: This issue is still high on our to-fix list.

2014-05-19: This appears to have been fixed in the v1.0.x releases. Anyone still having issues please let us know. 


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This issue is extremely annoying indeed. 


I am in my 30 days premiun trial, and in spite if some missing functionnalities on the iPhone app I had pretty much decided to start paying for the service.


But I had noticed battery issues on my phone in the past few days so I started to suspect the latest application installed on it ... and after a few tests no question Sporify is the guilty one! None only it is using a lot of battery when playing music, but I aslo *think* the the battery drainage keep occuring for sometime after the music stops playing. My 4S is down to 50% battery in just 3 hours after a Spotify sessions and not doing anything else.


As others I am only playing local music, and the difference is so obvious compared to the iOS Music app that after 2 days I had clearly noticed it and once I did I immediatly isolated Spotify as the rootcause.


Quite obviously there is a bug somewhere which is causing the app to use a lot of CPU, and because as a music player it is allowed trough multitasking, this keeps going one even when you are not playing music.


All this brought me here, and it is amazing to me that it has been going on for a while with no fix from Spotify (or at least better communication on the status of the rootcause analysis and and ETA for a fix). This kind of bug should be top level priority; and surely if developers start looking into it seriously they should be able to identify the rootcause and come up with a fix in less than 3 months.


So, sadly this will probably make me remove the app from my phone, and consequently not subsribe ...


And lastely, as mentionned in various posts and also based on my experience, this is not an iPhone 5 only issue, other models are also affected and it is likely purely a software issue.


I have the same issue. I had my iphone 5 on airplane mode with only spotify running. not even playing music. just as a background app i forgot to close. Fully charge phone died within 14 hours. Terrible developers who don't provide feedback or updates to paying subscribed customers. I would suggest to everyone here to cancel their subscription as I have; you're paying for a terrible service.


Appauling battery drain here as well ip5.  


Cancelling my sub, not only is it not fixed but an issue like this should have regular bi-weekly updates, its pretty clear this issue is not being taken seriously which is a real shame as without the battery issue it is a service worth paying for.


its an issue in a controlled apple environment, i could understand issues reproducing the fault on android but come on Guys, its a controlled environment... It doesnt get much better than this for reproducing faults.

@Per, is there any update on this?


Both myself and my girlfriend are experienceing massive battery drain on our iPhones 4S, using different spotify account and in both cases the drain clearly occures when running Spotify. Given the multiple reports her I can't imagine it is an isolatd issue.


You mentionned Spotify were looking into the issues, could you please give an update on were you guys are.


If there is no clear acknolegement of the issue and the fact that it has a great impact and troubleshooting it is high priority, I am affraid we will both cancel our accounts. This is a big shame, but I wouldn't keep a free service ruin my battery life, so no way I would pay 10 euros per month for the privilege even though otherwise I love the concept of Spotify and I would gladely pay for it).


I think this matter is on the land of no where................


An update will be appreciated.


I have a few friends with problems too, accounts cancelled and moved to another services. 

> I think this matter is on the land of no where................


Unfortunately you are probably right and the issue is largely beeing ignored :-s


This issue is still high on our to-fix list.

Thanks a lot Per for getting back.


One question though: the issue was originally raised in September; we are now in February. Can you please give an update and where you guys are with the troubleshooting and what kind of ETA can be expected for a fix?


(I believe it the issue is indeed treated as high priority, after a few motnhs you should a least have some idea of what is causing the issue, how to fix it, and how long it will take, right?)

One would think that iPhone users are a significant part of Spotify premium subscribers, so it would make sense to be very proactive with such major issues...


One would be wrong it seems 😕


Nah the frist ones are atleast ‎26-03-2012 09:56 AM


So almost year ago.