[iOS] Extreme battery drain on iPhone 5

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Status: Fixed


Spotify seems to drain the battery on some iPhones


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"I have the premium service and have noticed a significant battery drain when using Spotify as compared to my iPhone 4. Is it just me?

I've optimized my phone to conserve power as much as possible already. Brightness, push/fetch, location, turned off cellular for spotify... Still. It drains really fast."




2013-02-04: This issue is still high on our to-fix list.

2014-05-19: This appears to have been fixed in the v1.0.x releases. Anyone still having issues please let us know. 


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OK hopey thanks for the clarification, looks like I am too new to the issue, they either have pretty crap developers or a different notion of top priority than the rest of of us 🙂 (I would suspect the second option)
 I'll give them until the end of my current month subscription to at least announce a date for a planned fix. If nothing is done I will cancel my subscription.

Unfortunatly I know it most likely means I am goinf to cancel :-s But well it will give me a chance to try Rdio (though somehow I would preffer using Spotify).


I'm also experiencing the extreme battery drain with the iPhone 5. It tends to get really hot while just playing music. I'm on the 30-day trial and I have to say, I am not impressed. The iPhone 5 battery drain along with the extremely slow iPhone syncing is essentially making the mobile Spotify experience useless. If this doesn't get fixed soon, I will definitely NOT continue the service and sign up as a premium user.


Same with me - Have the iPhone 4S, latest iOS and Spotify (installed today again) and it's draining so bad. Had Spotify on for an hour and it drained 20% which is not good. If it wasn't for this problem I'd probably subscribe (Am on the 30 day trial).

I also am experecing extreme battery drain while using Spotify on an iPhone 5 (fresh iOS 6.1 install) of about 10-18% per hour of use. Spotify is the only running app with all background services off. Oddly, useage and stanby times are identical under Settings>General>About even though the screen remaind powered off. C'mon Spotify...I'm very close to canceling my premium if you can't muster up some fix...months after this has been reported.

Experiencing the exact same problem. iPhone 5, latest iOS update. But regardless of the iOS, battery drainage is through the roof. 20% in an hour of listening to music. I'm on premium, but honestly considering cancelling my membership until this issue is resolved.


I have a similar problem, but I've localized it to the pause button. A number of different things happen that all seem to be related.


1. When I pause via the lock-screen, the album art does not disappear and the pause button remains as if something is still playing, even though music has stopped.


2. If I pause via the app itself, the pause button will not change, as if something is still playing.


3. If I pause via the app itself, the pause button -does- change, but the play symbol in the top right of the iPhone screen remains as though something is still playing.


I've left my phone on my dresser for a few hours, thinking that I had paused Spotify, and return to find my battery at 20%.


This has been happening for at least 3 months, some users seem to report that this has been happening for over a year and I wouldn't be surprised if they're right.


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I'm a Premium subscriber, I really expect Spotify to be working as well as the native Music App, I don't see any reason why it shouldn't. But I've dealt with this problem for WAY too long.


It's about darn time this bug gets squashed.

I have been able to easily reproduce 50%, or more CPU usage when using the Spotify app, which has to be the cause of heavy battery usage. Using one of the activity monitor type apps from the App Store, stopping playback, and starting it again from the lock screen, via a bluetooth device, or via headphones, causes the Spotify app to use 50%, or more of the CPU. I've been able to reproduce this behavior on an iPad (3rd gen), and an iPhone 5, both running the current version of Spotify, and iOS. The way I've been able to stop the heavy CPU usage is toggle the app between on, and offline mode, or do not resume playback via the lockscreen, a bluetooth device, or headphones. In otherwords, resume playback directly from the Spotify app. Doing this, I've observed the Spotify app use CPU usage much closer to that of the built in iOS music player. I've only been looking into this for approximately a day or so. 


I have an Iphone 5 and the latest IOS version and I have done the same tests of CPU usage and can confirm the same behavior when playing/pausing spotify thru the lock screen. It is then using 50%+ CPU compare to a mere 5-10% when played/paused within the application. The interesting additional element is that if I am in the application when I lock my screen then I can pause and play through the lock screen and it stays within the 5-10% CPU usage...  but if I lock while not in the spotify app and then use play/pause through the lock screen it increases to the 50% levels and stays there no matter what until I stop the music through the app again !!! and this is a repeatable issue, it happens all the time in these circumstances........



Recently, my carrier started supporting LTE.


I have always had these issues on my iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 with 3G (when I played offline playlists).


Over the last few days I played offline playlists with LTE enabled. darn. My battery was draining even faster and my phone was HOT. I could fry some eggs on it. Battery drained 25-30% per HOUR.


That's it. I will be canelling my subscription before next  renewal if this is not fixed and I will start using RDIO. It does not have these issues. 

Shame on Spotify devs if this is as simple as you say nakar65 !

And shame on them anyway for their total lack of communication...