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[iOS] High battery drain with Spotify on iPhones with iOS versions 14.8 and 15.0

Hey folks,


Thanks for your reports about battery drainage while updating from iOS 14.8 to .15 on both firmware versions during the past days.


We’ve passed your info on to the relevant team and we can confirm they are currently looking into it.

If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to click +VOTE and Subscribe to the thread to be notified of any developments.


Aside from trying restarting and/or a clean reinstall of the app, it'd be great if you'd give disabling Background App Refresh a shot: this could be found under Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh.



Thanks! We’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as we have any updates on this.

Good news!


There’s a new version (8.6.64) of Spotify available in the App Store. The latest version includes fixes and improvements that should eliminate the stability and performance issues affecting a subset of iOS users.


If you have automatic updates switched on, you should have the newest version shortly.  If not, you’ll have to update the App manually. You can find step-by-step instructions for updating Spotify here.     



hope this helps, I’ve always found my issue on the community so have never needed to start a new one from scratch 


Same issue as others - sometimes the app will crash after 30 seconds, other times it will last 20mins, either way it crashes repeatedly and I have tried the various remedies suggested (some repeatedly). This is an update problem and needs to be fixed.


Premium subscription

ios 14.8

iphone SE 1st Gen

Spotify version


When I contacted the support staff working on the chat a week ago, they didn't know anything about this. Given it seems pretty wide spread, this is incredibly frustrating wasting our time and theirs.


Spotify has gone over a week now destroying phone batteries without any kind of concern or fix. My family is done. There are so many other music apps out there worth the money and that actually care for their consumers 


Same issue for me as many have reported. The battery is completely drained by using Spotify and crashes now and then. Have tried a clean reinstall, remove background data and all other suggestions here. I have an iPhone SE, iOS 14.8 and Spotify version


Submitted a complaint via the Better Business Bureau. Hopefully it greases the wheels here. Insane that they continue to charge people during this period they’re damaging phones and completely silent about it.


Long time premium user here on iPhone 8 Plus and ios15. For almost two weeks now, since updating to latest version the Spotify app my battery drains at warp speed if Spotify is running.


I’ve done all the things recommended. Spotify is now unusable unless I soon want a dead battery. I keep checking the App Store for an update to no avail. I keep checking this thread and nothing but more people complaining about this same issue. 


I have a decades worth of playlists and saved albums in Spotify and prefer the interface but I have now resorted listening to Apple podcast app and Apple Music, which I have discovered has lossless music streaming! 


Yeah the lack of communication from Spotify on this is frustrating - a simple ETA or even a description of what is being done would suffice. Cancelling premium is right around the corner.


Problem still occurring on iOS 15.0.1.


Ya I shouldn’t have to have my low power mode on to listen to Spotify. Also shouldn’t have it completely drain my battery for using it. This has never been an issue on past updated or IOS updates. Love Spotify, but I’m not paying for this. If this is Apple’s way to get people to switch, smart but a low ball move. Love my Spotify account. Spotify dev team, PLEASE fix this ASAP. 


Spotify apparently just released an update according to my phone 20 hours ago. Says version .64 I won’t update to it but might help some stuck on the buggy version.