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[iOS] Local files syncing and playback issue

We’ve received some reports that newly added Local Files aren’t syncing with the phone and either do not show up at all in the playlist or even if they do appear to be correctly downloaded they still don't play.


We can confirm the right team is aware of this and is looking into it. If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to follow the instructions in the Status Update below, add your +VOTE and subscribe to this thread so that you'll be notified as soon as there are any updates.

Hey everyone,


Thanks for reporting this and providing us all the relevant info. 


We've passed your details on to our developers and they have already rolled out a fix to improve the experience reported. 


We are aware that some users still have trouble syncing their local files with their iPhones, but this seems to be affecting specific devices or setups and requires individual troubleshooting - It'd be great to follow the steps you'll find here under Didn’t work?


We’d also recommend you try a clean reinstall, which will remove any corrupt data from your device. Just a heads-up, this will remove all your downloads and you'll have to download everything again.


If that doesn’t do the trick, you can post in the relevant help board and we’ll see if we can think up some other things to try.


I added new local files to a playlist on my Mac app, but my iPhone will not recognize that there were new songs added to sync no matter what I do. I already tried a clean reinstall, and I'm on the latest version on both devices. Not only do they not sync to my iPhone, but it doesn't even recognize that there were new songs added to the playlist at all... it just shows the previous total number of songs from before I added new ones.




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My Question or Issue

I have playlists with local files that worked just fine until yesterday. While on deskop, I added a local file song to a playlist but I noticed it didn't sync with the mobile. Moreover, when i rearranged the playlist on deskop by changing songs order or adding/deleting songs the mobile wouldn't sync as well. But what really surprises me is when I moved the playlist or changed its title, description or artwork then the mobile synced perfectly. Also all the other playlists were syncing just as normal. It's like whenever I add a local file to a playlist, it becomes 'frozen' on mobile and even though Spotify does recognize the playlist existence in my library, it doesn't recognize its content anymore. I tried relogging (made sure I'm logged on both devices on the same account), redownloading the app, closing the apps on both devices, turning my internet connection on and off (yes, I was connected to the same network). I'd be grateful for any help as I'm currently clueless in what to do (and I have at least 3 'frozen' playlists that I don't know how to fix)




Premium (Family)


United States


iPhone 11, Desktop PC

Operating System

iOS 15.1, Windows 10 (both updated today)



I've been trying for the past few hours to get local files to work. It used to work just fine for me, I don't know what happened. I've tried looking at video tutorials and looked into the Spotify community for solutions but no luck. 


Recently I tried adding a few new songs into a playlist from my local files and they just simply do not show up (not greyed out, they just do not show) on my iPhone, and they show up fine and play on desktop, just not my iPhone. The thing is one of my playlists that I created using local files months ago works 100% fine, but whenever I add a local file to that playlist (or any playlist) it doesn't show up at all. I'm just really not sure what to do.


I can give more information if need be.


Solutions I've Tried
Regular uninstall on both devices

• "Clean uninstall" on both devices using Spotify's guides. 
• Signing in and out of both devices
• Restarting both devices
• Clearing cache on both devices
• Doing the regular process on my mobile hotspot


• The file format for all the local files is ".mp3"
• Network profile is on "private"
• "spotify.exe" is an allowed app on Windows Defender Firewall and are selected as both "public" and "private" 
• Spotify has access to my "Local Network" on my iPhone
• Spotify on Windows is updated (,
• Spotify on my iPhone is updated (
• Both devices are on the same network
• Both devices are signed in with the same account
• Playlists with local files is downloaded (but local file songs don't show) 
• I have enough storage on both devices (30GB on iPhone, 100GB on desktop)



• "Hide Unplayable Songs" is disabled
• "Local audio files" is enabled

• "Show Local Files" is enabled
• "Show songs from" has a directory with all the songs


The two images below is what I'm explaining. It shows up on my desktop and also plays just fine, but doesn't show up at all on my iPhone. Again, "hide unplayable songs"


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.



desktop screenshot.PNG
iphone screenshot.PNG

I'm in the same boat i cant add any songs to a playlist i already have. Its in my local files plays on my computer just fine but the second i go to my phone it does not work. 







iphone 11 pro max

Operating System

Windows 10, iOS 15.1


My Question or Issue


So my issue is, is that i have my playlists on my pc that i have created from local files working just fine. The other day i added a song to it and ive noticed that it has not sync'd to my phone. I have tried a plethora of different thing's to fix it. Uninstalls, reinstalls, re-uploading playlist etc.. If anyone has any suggestions i will most deff try them!


Hey @beachdude42,


Thanks for reaching out.


Just to confirm, have you tried a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on both your devices using this guide? We recommend the steps there, as they’re very thorough and make sure no damaged leftover files remain.


 You should also remove all playlists with imported files and start the whole process from scratch using the instructions in this guide. You should also double check that n Enable sync from desktop is turned on for your iPhone. It's a good idea this time to do it over another internet connection, e.g. a mobile hotspot, if that's an option.


Hope this helps. Keep us posted on how it goes. 


Hi @Anthonymeyerx,


Thank you for sharing your post on the Community. 


You mentioned you already reinstalled the app, so we'd like to make sure if you followed these steps which are more thorough and can help you get rid of any remaining cache that may be affecting the Local Files. 


Another thing you can try is create an internet hotspot with your phone, connect your PC to it and try to synchronize the playlist again. In this thread you can find more detailed info and steps about this.


Let us know how it goes.


Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


To confirm, have you already tried running a clean reinstall? That's more thorough than a regular one and can be helpful to remove any corrupted files that might be causing trouble. Find the steps to do so here.


It's also a good idea to sync the Local files again while using a different connection, like another WiFi network if possible, or a mobile hotspot.


Keep us posted.


I also have issues. The local files show up on my desktop application but not on my phone. I've clean uninstalled on both devices and I've made sure I'm on the same wifi network. I also have premium subscription. I don't understand why it's not working.


Hi and welcome to the forum @meganedweeb, thanks for reaching out!


There are a few other things that we can check to make sure we've covered all basic steps. Could you just confirm for us that you were able to add local files to playlists before and now the app is not syncing between devices? We'll also need to know the OS versions of the devices you're using.


It will be a good idea to remove all the local files you've uploaded on the app and try syncing them again. It might be good to create new folders with the files and connect those.


If everything looks okay on desktop you should be able to add the local songs to playlists and download them to your phone as well. Make sure that you've switched on Enable sync from desktop on your phone and that your firewall doesn't block Spotify.


Keep us in the loop here. We'll be here if you need us.