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[iOS] No longer able to see who added songs to a collaborative playlist







iPhone 11 Pro

Operating System

iOS 13.4

Spotify version


My Question or Issue

Since a few days I'm no longer able to see who added songs to a collaborative playlist.


I only see the songs I added myself.


Can Spotify please fix this? Or make available to see the usernames of everyone before the artists instead of the owner only.





Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




@9_8rl3lf3-ruq Thanks for sharing this again for anyone that missed it, I’m still using this workaround from when you shared it a few weeks back and confirm it still works.


HOWEVER... Spotify.. Give us some feedback and an answer please. @Elena you’ve consistently ignored us now, despite having been tagged in this thread multiple times. 

Please either give us an update or escalate this to someone that will internally. We are paying customers and expect our feedback to actually be responded to, especially when we are waiting on you guys to fix an issue that we reported 4 MONTHS ago. 


P.S. I’m escalating this with SpotifyCares on Twitter now. 


Any update on this? Doesn't appear on web browser or iPhone app.


Device: iPhone X

OS: iOS 13.4.1

Spotify Version:


IPhone 8

IOs 13.5.1

Spotify 8.5.68


Same issue here 

iPhone X, iOS 13.5.1


Classic Spotify, continuously removing features we all paid for (and signed up for) with no logical reason. With every update, they will only take away features and never add more. 


Hi, all. I engaged customer support via chat about the issue today.  The rep confirmed it is not a bug, but a removed feature.  Or "change."  Here's the response.  Totally polite of course:

"I've checked backstage and it appears that the feature has been changed from our recent updates that's why you're currently unable to use it.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Our developers are always looking for ways to bring better service and deals to our customers and we're always aiming to improve our features so I hope you’ll continue to use it and find it gets better in future.

Although it's not something that's due to be released in the near future, it is the sort of thing we test and have conversations with our partners about.

I'll make sure to send the concern over to the right team so they can check it out."


I stated how important the collaborative playlists were in these times of quarantine and isolation.



Well I hardly can understand the reason but so it is...


As a response to it being a removed feature or change, this doesn't seem consistent. I have only heard the issue for Mac and iOS users. Looking at it on Mac, I see no name for any collaborator, on iOS there it shows only the name of the collaborator if they created the playlist. On Windows, I see all collaborator names. Without reports for non-iPhone users I'm assuming it shows collaborators on non-iPhones. Because of the inconsistency, from the user perspective I can't really see it as anything other than a bug and a negative user experience.


I really can’t accept the answer it is an ‘iOS-only’ removal of this feature. I really miss it as well, as do my friends who contribute to the same playlist(s). 

I am also very disappointed in the fact that there is no one in the Spotify company who can actually get to the bottom of these complaints. Furthermore, it appears useless to call out to the servicedesk, because every time you do so, you either get no, or different replies to the same question. It just depends on who is writing the answer and what colour his/her morning **bleep** had. It’s a complete joke.