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[iOS] Performance and battery - Individual reports

Investigation of individual reports of unexpected performance and battery behavior with Spotify on iOS.

Hey folks,


Writing to confirm this should be fixed for sometime now! We waited to monitor any potential new reports and take action, but it's safe to say everything is looking good.


For any new reports, make sure to post in the right Help Board!


Cheers 🙂


@tinybun new version 8.6.68 released today, finger crossed.

Status changed to: Need more info

Hello everyone,


Based on user feedback and the latest data we have, our recent updates have stabilized the battery drain previously reported on iOS devices. However, as we're still seeing individual reports of such issues, we want to let you know we'll continue to monitor the situation.


Anyone still experiencing unexpected app behavior, please enable this function on your iOS device. This will help our developers with the continued optimization of the app. It would also be helpful if you post back here in this thread after continuing to use the app following our recent and next couple of updates to let us know if you're seeing any issues or improvements.


We'll be revisiting this thread on regular intervals to pass the feedback on to the right folks.


Thank you!


Problems continue in Version launched today October 8, 2021.


When are these problems going to be solved??


I continue to have this issue with 8.6.66. I went to bed yesterday with 85% battery, and woke up to 3% — Spotify was not even running on my phone, and it ate up like 79% of my battery overnight! Music was playing on my Chromecast, but the app was not open on my phone.


Just updated to 8.6.68... let's see how this goes.


Spotify doesn't seem to care this matter. We are writing to nobody.


Problem still persists for me. I'm currently on 93% battery health on a new iPhone 12 Pro Max which I've had since February. Phone still heats up and battery drains in mins whilst listening on Spotify.


Also even though some people are still experiencing this problem, I'm just wondering on my account, I have a huge music library of nearly 3000 of both mixed saved/created playlists and 1000's of songs liked, if that might have to do something with it.


Battery drain and overheating are still present on version 8.6.68, on iPhone 13 pro, occurring with saved songs and streaming. 

I tried disabling background refresh + reinstalling the app, nothing changed.


I have been experiencing the same issues on my previous iPhone X since June, started from iOS 14.6 and i thought that the iOS +/- the old phone was the problem, it turned out to be from spotify as its almost my only daily used application (no social media / youtube usage). I have been trying apple music for the past week and i had no issues whatsoever with streaming  or offline playback.


I'm a keen spotify user and i wish it gets fixed as soon as possible.


The overheating issue has stopped, however, Spotify is still using too much of my battery. I only listened to podcasts on Spotify today for about 1 hour, over the course of about 5 hours. I have kept the app closed while I'm not using it. But my phone says Spotify has used 36% of my battery. In comparison, I've used the Apple podcasts app for a little longer than that today, and it is only showing 5% usage. What is this "background activity" that Spotify is constantly doing??? I have background app refresh turned OFF. 


I have done several clean reinstalls, as well as phone updates. And I am unable to download any music whatsoever or my phone will quit the app and start every song from the beginning. This issue has been going on for me since august and I haven’t been reimbursed or excused from payment this whole time, I am very aggravated. 


IOS: 14.7