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[iOS] Performance and battery - Individual reports

Investigation of individual reports of unexpected performance and battery behavior with Spotify on iOS.

Hey folks,


Writing to confirm this should be fixed for sometime now! We waited to monitor any potential new reports and take action, but it's safe to say everything is looking good.


For any new reports, make sure to post in the right Help Board!


Cheers 🙂


is anyone else still experiencing this issue? I've updated to 15.01 as well as done a clean install of spotify (as suggested) and I think the issue still persists :C i'm on a brand new iphone 13 pro max so I'm pretty sure it's spotify's issue x__x thinking of going to apple music instead of paying for something that would kill my battery health? 


@tinybun Me too! I felt like I was going crazy seeing everyone else saying it fixed their problem but I’m still experiencing battery drain. I’m on the 13 pro and yesterday I compared battery usage between this phone and my old XR running 14.5.1 and Spotify used about 11% battery on that phone but with my 13 pro it’s about 45%. I did the clean reinstall as suggested by someone else on this forum but still I’m getting the same issue. I ended up uninstalling the app and I downloaded YouTube music (I have YouTube premium) while I wait for another update or I may try and reinstall Spotify a few days later just to see if maybe I’m tripping or something. 


So I’ve tested this for a few days now, the new update appears to have fixed the overheating and the automatic stopping of music/ podcasts after a minute or so, however, I feel there is still significant battery drain compared to the previous version (even though it’s not dying in two hours like previously!) anyone else noticed this?  


The app continues crashing in every song and the battery drain continues too. 

I reseted network settings, etc., and have tried everything that is possible. 

I have used Spotify accounts of other members of my Family Plan on my phone, and they work fine and the battery consumption is normal. I also have used my account on other operating systems and it works fine. The problems occur on my iPhone and iPad.

I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 15.0.1, and Spotify Version  My phone has 212 GB of storage space available.

Appreciate your effective help, because this is very boring.


The latest update has improved on battery drain but it's still not where it was prior.

Am super unimpressed with the lack of communication from Spotify and the lack of a proper fix!

iPhone 11 pro.



@jamesb1 ahhh how do we make sure Spotify knows it’s not fixed (since this thread is marked fixed) … are they even reading these messages anymore or is the case “closed” 😔 I think the battery drain wasn’t quite as catastrophic as before the update but it’s still noticeably odd. It consumes 2-3x more than Overcast (as an example) and I don’t want it to chew my new battery…. 

have been a premium subscriber since the dawn of time and this is very disappointing as I’d rather not go to Apple Music. But right now I have a free 6 month subscription to that and spotify killing my battery on a brand new phone ….. why am I paying them to do that 😔😂


@Mario @Xenia Hi, just wondering if this case is still open since some of us are still having performance issues? Thank you!


**bleep**. It seemed fixed after the 2nd last app update but I see there was another app update today which my phone installed and the issue is back. Nooooo! I had just switched back after moving to Apple podcasts when this started 3 weeks ago! Please fix this already Spotify, Jesus!


after a few more days of testing I can confirm that it is not fixed. Still battery drain. Uses about 5x more battery than other background-running-audio-apps (I have tested in comparison to a few). is this going to be fixed? I can see so many threads across so many years re battery drain...i am really a huge huge fan of spotify and i REALLY don't want to move (evidence: i have 6 months free trial of apple music and haven't touched it). But this battery issue may be the reason i finally unsub 😞 pls pls pls fix!!!


edit: is anyone here on ios 15.01 and using 8.6.66 and it's fixed for you?? (i'm on an iphone pro max idek if that makes a difference).

edit2: more testing. It's using 1% of battery every minute (while the app is open in the background, doing nothing.) this is definitely not normal please help us!!!! @CC838 should we make a new thread since no spotify staff is responding? I'm very newbie at this forum 😞


@tinybun I am pretty new to the forum myself! Even before when this thread had a few complaints a day, the moderators checked only once to three times a week. Which is quite terrible - to be honest. I also noticed this thread was almost immediately closed to “fixed” after one person gave feedback - which is not in line with the range of issues that were put on here due to the last update. My issues have sort of ironed out - the battery drain is better, even though it’s not completely back to normal. Hence, I would not start a thread myself but highly encourage anyone else having issues to do it. Good luck - I hope your issue irons out soon! Oh I am on IOS 15.0.1 and Spotify update is