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[iOS] Performance and battery - Individual reports

Investigation of individual reports of unexpected performance and battery behavior with Spotify on iOS.

Hey folks,


Writing to confirm this should be fixed for sometime now! We waited to monitor any potential new reports and take action, but it's safe to say everything is looking good.


For any new reports, make sure to post in the right Help Board!


Cheers 🙂


Problems continue in IOS 15.0.2 launched today October 11, 2021.


When are these problems going to be solved??


Upgraded to the latest version of Spotify and I enabled sharing analytics with app developers yet I still have the same problem. With background app refresh turned off along with most of my music downloaded I’m still dropping a ton of battery. Within each hour Spotify is showing around 90% usage on my battery stats. Anyone have better experience with Apple Music? 


@jamesb1 45 minutes of streaming on spotify = 12% battery drain , i tried apple music its 3% for one hour.


Hello everyone,


we're monitoring this thread regularly. Considering the total number of Spotify iOS users and the data we're receiving, it continues to be unusual that some of you are still experiencing battery drains. We will need more information to investigate this further.


@fjaramillocala@nasserhalmoumen@jamesb1 - if possible, please record a 5-10 minute video switching between the battery stats and the app. Upload it to a sharing platform of your choice and let us know, we'll forward them for investigation.


Please also share screenshots of your monthly battery usage stats from your iOS settings.


Lastly, can you confirm if the battery is still drained, even when the phone is set to airplane mode?


We'll be waiting for your details.


@Xenia @Ver I've been experiencing similar issues and just found this thread as well as the original one.


I started noticing Spotify was using up a high percentage of battery (with mostly background activity) since upgrading to the iPhone 13 mini on September 24th. Background refresh for Spotify is off in settings. Like others, the issue is not as bad as it was following the most recent few app updates, but it's still nowhere near resolved for me. 

I've deleted and restored the app multiple times to no avail. 


Since I upgraded to the new phone and iOS, even when the Spotify app is closed on my phone, whatever I'm currently playing on Spotify on another device will appear as now playing in my control center (and also hijack my phone's volume setting). I'm assuming the constant background searching and refreshing of what's playing on other devices is the culprit of the battery drain.


Today, I have had the app closed on my phone for all but 1 minute and been using Spotify on my desktop, but the app still managed to use 17% battery with 3 hours 28 minutes of background activity on my phone. 




I'm on iOS 15.0.2 and Spotify version 8.6.68


@Ver I have had this issue as well with spotify on ios 15.0.2 on an iphone 13 pro 


Hey @shazzahllala and @nayan211 


Thanks for posting here 🙂


Could you check if there are any changes when you try using the latest update of the app?


In case that doesn't make a difference, could you provide us with the info mentioned in the previous response? We'll investigate this further.


Keep us posted.


I can confirm that the issues has been resolved with the latest 2 updates. Hopefully it won’t recur again.


Hey folks,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop. 


@nasserhalmoumen we're glad to hear that things are now working properly. 


@nayan211@shazzahllala would you mind confirming if this was also fixed for you or if you're still experiencing issues?


We'll be on the lookout.