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[iOS] Phone calls don't come in when Spotify is playing

Status: Fixed

Thread: 335104

Status: New


Version:   Core:

As reported by encathal:



Whenever I am listening to Spotify on my phone and a call attempts to come in Spotify stops for second and then continues playing and the call goes directly to Voicemail.  This happens everytime I have spotify running.  


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1.  Start Spotify and get a radio station running.

2.  Have someone call me.

3.  Spotify stops, application screen drops then reappears and music continues.  There is no Indication that a call is in process of coming in.

4. If person leave a voicemail, I get the notice of one.  If they did not, then I get no notification of a call until I leave spotifuggle. 


What I expected to happen

I expected that when a call comes in that Spotify would temporary stop, the receiving call screen would show and I can decided to either accept or reject the call. 


What actually happened

What did happen is that Spotify drops and then restart, as if the program hanged.  I then either get the iOS notice of a voicemail or when I go back to the desktop I see that I have missed calls. There is no indication that a call is coming in. 


My iPad/iPhone model

 iPhone 4S


Device’s Operating System

iOS 6.1.2


Is your device jailbroken?



Approximately how many playlists do you have?

14,  I mainly listen to the radio function, so this is where I have seen this.  I have not used my playlist on my phone.


My mobile Spotify version

App   Core:


My desktop Spotify version (if applicable)



My provider and country



My username



Additional information:




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Mine does the same thing, with the iPhone 5


yep same with my iphone 5 as well

I am a premium account subscriber. This has only been a problem for me ever since I upgraded from a Droid X to my iPhone 5. My music doesn't even briefly stop when a call comes in. It does nothing but continue to play the music uninterrupted. Missing calls/not having the option to have calls break through = very sad panda.

I am having the same problem, and have narrowed the occurence down to when the display is on displaying the spotify player.  Generally this is a problem if the phone is docked or plugged in and charging.  If I switch to another app or manually turn off the display, phone calls come in as would be expected.  


Thought this might help,

This is a REALLY BIG BUG. Please Spotify, fix this issue. I use my phone for business and it drives my insane. I'm going to have to cancel my priemium membership until this bug is fixed. The problem: Calls are canceled immediatly when my lighting connector is connected and audio is traveling through that cable. I don't have another choice since that's the only way to connect my iphone to my car. It also happens at home when the phone is on my home dock playing music. Please please please give us an update. I'm subscribing to this thread and as soon as the bug is fixed I'm subscribing again. My wife has the same probelm and plans to cancel until it's fixed as well. Really love you guys and hate to cancel.


I seem to be having the same issue with my iPhone 5.  It seems like any time I have my audio (AUX) cable connected to my car as well as the lightning cable, the phone call automatically gets dropped and music continues playing.  Same thing happens when a text comes through.  The music stops for a brief second and then continues, if i don't happen to look down at my phone I wouldn't even realize that I missed a call or text.


I am running iOS 6.1.4, spotify ver.


I have a LONG commute to/from work and Spotify helps me get through, but I have 2 small children at home and need my phone available for calls in case of emergency..


I am subscribing to this thread, hopefully you guys can fix this issue as soon as possible.




I am having the same problem with my iPhone 5 (provider – AT&T). It is a very big issue for me since I receive a lot of calls for work. I have had to cancel my premium subscription because of this. However, I will keep checking for an update and when Spotify updates the app, I'll join premium again because I love the additional features and benefits of premium.


Same issue here. iPhone 5 sprint. Calls so not ring through while using spotify radio. Just a brief flash but no ring.

Mine did the same thing on iPhone 5. That's a big reason why I cancelled my subscription. It's more important that my phone works then letting spotify play music. Fix that and you're lack of support and maybe I'll join again...


same issue on my iphone 5, pretty frustrating...