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[iOS] Sonos devices not appearing on Spotify Connect

I am having an issue with the Spotify app on my iPhone (only) where my Sonos devices are not appearing.  Spotify Connect is there for my MacBook (when open) but none of the Sonos devices through Spotify Connect are appearing.  


All of the Sonos devices are appearing as expected on my MacBook, iPad and my wife’s iPhone, not I’m not sure why they’re not appearing on my iPhone.  I can connect to those devices through my Sonos app.  I have tried restarting the device, deleting/reinstalling both apps and restarting my router and Sonos devices and none have resolved the issue.  A reinstall of the Spotify app temporarily resolves the issue but keeps reverting.


I have attached screenshots from my 3 devices to show what’s appearing and details of the devices are listed below:


Plan: Premium



  • iPhone 7, iOS 12.4, Spotify, Sonos v 10.3.2
  • iPad Mini 4, iOS 12.4, Spotify
  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015), macOS Mojave 10.14.5, Spotify

Hey folks,

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.

We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!

If you’re still experiencing this issue, make sure your app is on the latest version by doing a clean reinstall.



Same problem. Sonos doesn't appear via my iPhone, but it does appear as an option on my Macbook Pro. Also, if i start playing the music from my desktop I can control it from my phone, but once I pause the music for too long the Sonos speaker disappears.


I'm having the exact same problem. I can connect fine from my computer, but not from the spotify app on my iphone. As soon as I connect from my computer, the speaker shows up on the app. 


I'm having the same problem with devices that have offline content. Anything that doesn't have offline content seems to be okay.. I've asked Spotify chat help and sonos.. no solution yet. Seems to be when the app update happened. 


For  anyone still having this problem, try deleting the app and reinstalling. It worked for me on my iphone.


Deleting the app seemed to work, but after a week the issue has returned.


Thanks for all of the updates, good to see I'm not the only one with the issue.  


I tried deleting the app again and reinstalling and NOT re-downloading any offline music, but the issue came back again.  Deleting and installing the app just seems to temporarily fix the issue.  


Any chances Spotify look at these threads to pick up on clear bugs with their app?


The problem retuned for me too. Hopefully the people at Spotify are looking into this. 


Hi, I have the same issue and have detected the following on my iPhone 8:

Enable Airplane Mode. 

Disable Airplane Mode. 

Now all Sonos Player are available in Spotify App. 

After some minutes the Players start to disappear again. 

After Airplane Mode on and off the Players are available again. 


It is not sufficient to disable/enable WIFI. It must be the Airplane Mode. 


Can anyone reproduce that behavior?






I have exatly the same problem - and reinstalling/turning airplane mode on and off makes no difference. We have three models of iphone in the house with three Spotify accounts all with the same problem - we couild all connect to the Sonos through Spotify Connect until two or three weeks ago. We have no problem connecting to the Sonos using Spotify Connect through our Macbooks.


Same Problem at my iphone.

ipad works fine, iphone cant find my sonos.

using spotify from sonos app it works


Must be an bug of the sonos app, please fix it...