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[iOS] Sonos devices not appearing on Spotify Connect

I am having an issue with the Spotify app on my iPhone (only) where my Sonos devices are not appearing.  Spotify Connect is there for my MacBook (when open) but none of the Sonos devices through Spotify Connect are appearing.  


All of the Sonos devices are appearing as expected on my MacBook, iPad and my wife’s iPhone, not I’m not sure why they’re not appearing on my iPhone.  I can connect to those devices through my Sonos app.  I have tried restarting the device, deleting/reinstalling both apps and restarting my router and Sonos devices and none have resolved the issue.  A reinstall of the Spotify app temporarily resolves the issue but keeps reverting.


I have attached screenshots from my 3 devices to show what’s appearing and details of the devices are listed below:


Plan: Premium



  • iPhone 7, iOS 12.4, Spotify, Sonos v 10.3.2
  • iPad Mini 4, iOS 12.4, Spotify
  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015), macOS Mojave 10.14.5, Spotify

Hey folks,

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.

We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!

If you’re still experiencing this issue, make sure your app is on the latest version by doing a clean reinstall.



iPhone 11 Pro

iOS 13.1.2



Was working this week, as of today not working. No Sonos Play:1 devices show up via Spotify Connect, only one that does show up is a Sonos Beam via AirPlay. 

I've tried uninstall, reboot, router reboot, airplane mode etc. Nothing seems to work. 

Come on Spotify, it's pretty useless without this!


I am having the exact same issue, it seems to coinsdance since i have upgrated to IOS 13. 


Everything works fine on my mac book pro, and when i go back into the app on my iphone x the speaker that is playing through mac book appears in connect then disapears once i close it down. 


I have almost the same problem as described in the original post.


I have 5 Sonos speakers. I run the spotify app on my MacBook Air and my iPhone 8.


All Sonos speakers are seen by the Macbook Spotify app but not the iPhone Spotify app.


When running the app on both devices, if I play a track on Sonos Speaker from the Macbook App,  I get the message screen pop up on my iPhone saying that I’m playing “Insert track name here” on “Sonos speaker” and I’m given the choice to play the track on my iPhone instead. After this, I can temporarily see that speaker listed in my devices, but then it vanishes again when I play Spotify on a different speaker – or if I play Spotify on my iPhone.


There are various threads on this type of issue spanning back over two years. The Sonos community talk about all manner of resetting routers, power cycling the speakers.


So to confirm, all of ,my devcis are on the same frequency on the same router in my domain. All code levels are latest and, just for the sake of diligence, I’ve de-installed , reinstalled software for both Sonos and Spotify on both devices. I have reset the router and power cycled everything ( Sonos, Macbook, iPhone and router ). The problem still exists.


One last thing to add – I moved from iPhone SE to iPhone 8 about 2 months ago. This issue did not exist on the iPhone SE but has existed since I started using the iPhone 8.


iPhone 8                                              ( 13.1.2 )

Spotify app on iOS                              ( )


Macbook Retina, 13-inch, 2018         ( Catalina 10.15 )

Spotify app on Macbook                    ( )


I'm having the same issue. It was temporarily resolved by resetting my router but has now happened again. 

I try removing Spotify from my watch but it didn't solve the problem. 


device - iPhone 11 - iOS 13

Spotify -


Experiencing the same issue as Kevin.


We have one iphone which stops detecting the sonos speakers.

Re-installing the app seemed to fix it for a brief period but that has now stopped working


Tried switching spotify account after reading a community article and the speakers were detected. Going back to original account immediately caused the speakers to disapear again. 


The phone which shows the problem had mobile data disabled for spotify. The other iphone with no problem had mobile data enabled. After reading this thread tried enabling mobile data for the problem phone and the speakers have showed up again. Will be interesting to see how long that persists.


ios 12.4.1



Just as John_e posted above , I've tried enabling mobile data and I can now see all of my sonos speakers.


I also tried turning mobile data off and they dissapear again.


Hopefully this give the Spotify team more data to work out what's wrong with the app ?


New update for Spotify app is out. Looks like they finally fixed it.

Works here, for now, after update.

Fixed for me too


After the update I can now see the devices, but Spotify times out when trying to connect to any of them.